California Mountains Get 6 Feet Of Snow

Roads impassable.

Several ski resorts around Lake Tahoe received more than six feet (183 cm) of snow in the past week, the National Weather Service reported. The only problem is getting there and back.

Caltrans and the Nevada Department of Transportation shut down roads for hours over the holiday weekend because they were impassable.

Squaw Valley reported 75 inches of snow through Monday morning and Northstar had 73 inches.

Another 6 inches of snow was expected through Monday night, with yet another storm forecast to hit just in time for the weekend.

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  1. The water level at Lake Oroville is 100 feet higher than this time last year and has already halted its drawdown.
    As the main spillway has hardly been in operation since its billion dollar plus repair – completed last spring – some concern may be warranted in the coming, precipitation – filled months.

  2. I’m getting worried now. The Yeti can survive in the high mountains of the Himalayas but not the Sasquatch. Hope the poor ape man can come down from the hills without being seen, raid a few garbage cans and find something to eat.
    My suggestion is to leave the mince pies and sherry out for the Sasquatch not Santa Claus this year.

  3. Bulgaria: Due to the complicated weather conditions in several places in the country, the Troyan – Karnare pass closes for a car over 12 tons until 12 o’clock tomorrow, December 4th. This was reported by the Ministry of Interior press center.
    The Vitina and Petrohan passages at 15.45 are processed and passable for all vehicles.
    The weather conditions in some places in the country are complicated. It is snowing in almost all parts of Northern Bulgaria and the mountains.×0.jpg

  4. Remember that it is just a ‘cold snap’ and not a sign that the planet is cooling whereas a couple of hot days are a sure sign that the planet is burning up and that the west should destroy its economies to stop it.

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