California ski resort breaks snow record for ANY month

More than triple average January snowfall

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows ski resor in Lake Tahoe, California, has broken the snow record for ANY month in 45 years of its existence:

Until now, the biggest snowfall was 202 inches, which came in March 2011. So far this January – 212 inches. That’s more than 17 ft (more than 5 meters).

Until now, January snowfall has averaged “only” 70 inches.

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for this link

7 thoughts on “California ski resort breaks snow record for ANY month”

    • @Chris,

      I know. I read the Twitter reports on both the NWS Sacramento and Reno feeds. They’re describing it as “crippling” snowfall potential. But remember, this is California—and nothing that happens is ever going to make them happy. If it doesn’t snow, it’s perpetuating the myth that climate change is causing a perma-drought. If it DOES snow, it’s simply “weather”, not climate change, and also bringing other precipitation which causes mudslides and debris flows. I swear that the big population centers would be happy simply piping in all their water supply from elsewhere and keep the sunshine 24/7. They’re some of the biggest hypocrite pussies on the planet.

      • In addition, the Left kept us from building approved new dams and reservoirs, so now, we do not have the capacity we should have to store all this rain/snow blessing.

        But, we are going to have a high speed bullet train. By using the ratio of the Cypress repair – 1/2 mile to ten years, and the public sector unions, I figure it will take 700 years to build the bullet train.

  1. The headline on the NWS Reno Twitter account reads “What a difference a year makes!”

    It clearly demonstrates the high degree of variability in our weather and, to a more limited sense, climate. Where are all of the CAGW alarmists parroting on and on about the perma-drought in California and how we’re to blame for their dry reservoirs because we’re driving ICE cars? What are they saying about all of the snow and rainfall this winter NOT being a sign of “climate change”? The sheer level of hypocrisy is utterly appalling. Nothing that occurs in nature will ever be satisfactory to these fools; if it rains, it’s a sign that the atmosphere holds more water vapor because of increasing GHG’s; if it doesn’t, it’s a sign we’re destroying our climate; if it’s cold, it’s a “crippling” inconvenience; if it’s hot, it’s irrefutable evidence of what’s to come if we don’t decarbonize our atmosphere. I find their arrogance to be antithetical to common sense and scientific principles.

    This winter’s extreme snowfall is nothing but beneficial to a normally semi-arid region of the western U.S. This snowfall will melt off to fill reservoirs, to flush silt out of riverbeds and improve fish habitat, to provide drinking water to millions and recreational opportunities to hundreds of thousands. It will soak into the ground and restore parched soils, thereby allowing their recovery to nurture new growth—as has always happened. It will provide a minuscule measure of higher albedo to reflect incoming solar radiation back into space and belay the paranoia of impending climate doom. And most importantly, it will make life possible to countless lifeforms from the lowly mushroom to the majesty of giant sequoia trees and everything inbetween. Yet those going on and on the loudest about climate change, I believe, actively and secretly loathe the end of the drought because it impedes their narrative on the inherent evils of our fossil-fuel based global economy.

    No one knows the future. No one knows what will come of our planet if we continue to burn fossil fuels, but I can almost guarantee that it will not cause the ridiculous catastrophes that CAGW fanatics are espousing as an inevitability. Because even if they DO materialize, who is to say that they could have been prevented? It is pure nescience and arrogance to pretend that the planet must conform to some set ideal—in weather, in sea levels, in species’ survival—that we as humans say it must. Yes, we must do our best to conserve and be judicious with our resources, about being smart and not wasting, about being just one small part of an otherwise immense and complex biome that defines our planet, but it does NOT mean that we can replicate uncontrollably as a species and still have healthy flora and fauna populations coexisting with us, nor does it mean that if we use natural resources that add to overall atmospheric carbon dioxide we’re setting ourselves up for turning Earth into Venus 2.0!

    • HB Schmidt, excellent commentary. Not much fear of our over-population. Every nation that reaches a certain standard of living has so far cut its raising of children until its population is actually decreasing. Seems people have other things they want to do when other careers are open to them. If The Powers That Shouldn’t Be would just let people progress normally instead of all these wars & regime changes.

      By the way, I think it’s mostly propaganda about their being too many people. The world’s population could fit in 26 square miles. Or, the world’s 6 billion people could each have a quarter acre in Australia– and half of Queensland and the rest of the world would be left over.

      California. 94% live in the 5.1% that is urban. Rural places occupy another 3.5 %. Except for some agriculture all the rest is vacant.

      We’ve been propagandized to believe population is a problem.

  2. In addition, now that Trump is in office, kids will no longer be told that they won’t know what snow is in 50 years from now just because their mom is driving them to school in her SUV!

    Also they won’t be flunked by their teachers in school anymore just because they don’t agree with Al Gore!

  3. Mammoth Mountain achieved the same with 211.5 inches as of 21st January, with another foot or so still to come from the current storm.

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