California ski resort may stay open all summer – and fall – and into next season

Enough snow to completely cover a five-story building.

Squaw Valley ski resort has received 705 inches (more than 58 feet) of total snowfall this season, including 20 inches over the last seven days, prompting thoughts of staying open all year.

Skiing in August? Photo courtesy of Squaw Valley

“Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth told Truckee Tahoe Radio:

“It’s been an incredible winter. Unprecedented.”

“I’m actually considering staying open through the summer and fall so it becomes the 16/17/18 season. We’re taking a hard look at that. Maybe we spin Shirley through the summer. There’s so much snow up there.”

Squaw Valley is one of several Lake Tahoe ski resorts to cross the 700-inch mark this season. Those include Sugar Bowl (782 inches), Mt. Rose (761 inches), Boreal (742 inches) and Northstar (708 inches).

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is one of the largest ski areas in the United States, and was the host site of the entire 1960 Winter Olympics.

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10 thoughts on “California ski resort may stay open all summer – and fall – and into next season”

    • It does indeed. The question becomes, What will the OND/JFM El Niño projections turn into for precipitation? If, as NOAA suggests, there’s about a 50% chance for El Niño conditions to occur this fall and into winter, does the enhanced chances for precipitation across California and the desert Southwest yield another water year similar to this one? What would the Sierra look like if large parts of it got 1400+ inches of snowfall over two consecutive years? To me, it would look indeed like the beginnings of new glaciation.

  1. Any bets how long it takes for the climate modelers to change a few pluses to minuses and “Prove” with 97% agreement from the climate community that CO2 causes cooling?

  2. I could be wrong, but as I remember this is how glaciers are formed; snow in one year still existing the following year.

  3. “Golly! Wouldn’t that start a glacier?” my wife asked when I told her about the snowfall amounts mentioned in this story, and the fact that the snow will probably last all summer.

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