California – Snow possibly as low as sea level in the Bay area

“Snow at NWS office in Monterrey almost at sea level, and 4 inches of snow somewhere in Big Sur park, near the ocean,” says reader.

“The National Weather Service is predicting snow in some of the Bay Area’s higher elevations.

“By Tuesday morning, snow mixed with rain could fall between 400 and 1,000 feet and possibly as low as sea level especially in the North Bay.

“A once-every-decade snow fall hit the Bay Area on Tuesday with snow levels as low as 1,200 feet.

“The last time the Bay Area experienced a winter storm with snow levels as low was February, 2011, according to the National Weather Service.

“Here’s actually what happened. Snow on a landmark that might be in San Francisco, Twin Peaks. It also snowed to the coast further south it appeared, might be a more rugged section of coast I’ve not been to. Another article says snow levels lowest since 2011.

“From the bay’s shoreline in San Mateo County’s Coyote Point Marina, harbormaster Mark Bettis could see an impressive coating of snow in the East Bay hills beyond the San Mateo Bridge.

“San Francisco beach snow possibility link. Already radar indicated snow on higher elevations of thumb of San Francisco. Looks to be snow to the ocean further south of Santa Cruz now.

This talks about how rare snow there is, despite coldest winter was summer in San Francisco, must be the humidity of fog he was talking about or something.

Thanks to Ryan for all this info


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  1. I gather the new gov is as loopy as moonbeam was?
    have to cover the entire state to get notice it isnt warm, for the pollies i guess

  2. 11 feet of snow storm total at California ski resorts. More than half the season to date snowfall over several days!

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