California – Snow too deep to plow 

Skiers can’t reach resorts … 13½ feet (4.1 m) of snow this month alone … to the 15th of Feb … almost a foot a day. “Please stay home,” says sheriff.

Snow storms hammered California mountains for a fourth straight day, forcing closure of several routes to the Lake Tahoe ski-resort area, including about 70 miles (110 km) of I-80. Some resorts reported 3 feet (1 m) of snow since Thursday.

“Tahoe & Truckee are in whiteout conditions. All roads leading in & out of the basin are closed. S/R 267 is so deep that plows ca no longer plow. They have ordered up a large blower to try and clear the pass. I80 & Mt. Rose Highway are also closed. Please stay home,” warned Placer County sheriff Lt. Andrew Scott.

An additional 3 to 6 feet (1 to 2 m) of snow was expected

Meanwhile, California’s Mammoth Mountain, about 140 miles (225 km) southeast of Lake Tahoe, was about to break a more than 30-year record for monthly snowfall, resort spokesman Justin Romano said.

The resort has already received 163 inches (414 cm) of snow this month alone, just 5 inches shy of its snowfall record for the entire month of February, set in 1986.

See video from Placer County y sheriff Lt. Andrew Scott:

See tweet from Placer County y sheriff Lt. Andrew Scott:

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7 thoughts on “California – Snow too deep to plow ”

  1. Evaporation off the warm oceans heated from below + colder atmosphere receiving less heat from the sun = more snow

  2. And for all these stupid and retarded liberals out there – here is a little lesson for you:

    1. So much for snow being a thing of the past.
    2. There is NO drought in California.
    3. Your cellphone and 15 watt porchlight have nothing do to with changing weather or climate LOL.

    Next they’ll be telling us that we’re causing record snows in CA because we’re burning wood in our fireplaces. If they ever have it their way, they will impose stiff fines for anyone using their fireplaces in record cold weather or impose fines for truckers idling their trucks at night to keep warm. I don’t think people in CA would appreciate it too much if they’re in a life and death situation in extreme cold without power.
    You can’t fix stupid in the USA anymore as long as we have Democrats in Congress.

  3. bad for wildlife;-( excellent to refill all the dams and rivers.
    let see how many morons decide to ignore the sherriff and try n go skiing

  4. Be grateful: Because of this rapid massive Man Made Global Warming, all this snow is the warmest snow on record.

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