California snowpack near 200 percent of average

How much more snow will this new storm dump on the state?

The Los Angeles Times ran a story today warning that the biggest storm in years is about to hammer California. The article concentrates mainly on heavy rainfall, mudslides and flooding.

I kept waiting for any mention of snow, and finally, in the 16th paragraph down, it did just that.

“The storm is expected to hit the Sierra Nevada (mountains) hard,” the story said. “The weather service warned of “crippling snow amounts on top of existing snow cover” and urged residents to stock up on food, water and firewood, and “essentially prepare for being stranded at home for multiple days.”

It also warned that the heavy snowfall could bring multiple-day power outages, roof failures and avalanches.

The story ends with the admission that “The storms have built up the snowpack for the whole Sierra Nevada, with the southern third of the range at nearly 200% of average for this time of year.”

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  1. Carbon Di-oxide really needs to be contained.
    In Queensland, Australia we’ve hot humid rainy weather & with all that Co2 fertiliser about my garden is at its best, my lawn needs mowing twice per week an that’s my complaint.

    Central Australia used to be known as the Red Centre, due to lack of vegetation. Disappointed tourists now refer to it as the green Centre. Agriculture is having bumper crops.
    Bring on more Co2 I say.

    • Perhaps it’s just this this thing called “weather” and it changes all the time? Maybe it goes in cycles? Maybe it shifts over time? I know, weird thought… But your “scientists” can’t even tell you exactly what the temperature will be at 2 pm tomorrow.

      • “but but but: what about all the drowning polar bears, and palm trees growing in Antarctica, ‘n stuff? I mean, MSNBC wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true, amirite?

      • Frankly they are pretty good at predicting such as tomorrow’s temperatures and rain chances – miles better than 10 years ago in my part of the country. BUT… that is NOT “climate change”, and the fact that the routinely skew the govt records and never ever consider sun cycles (that’s INCREDIBLE) tells me that the climate change movement is “political science” much more than “physical science”. BTW, didn’t Gore predict utter devastation by now, but…. And why the heck would ANYONE think that he knows ANYTHING about it? Why do the elites fly all over the world in their private jets if they were seriously concerned about CO2 pollution?

        • My thought on the elites flying in private jets, as well as massive climate conferences has always been the same – if you believe what you say, with the internet stretching into practically every crack and cranny of the Earth, WHY fly to conferences that you can teleconference?

          Seriously, if they actually believed what they spew, they wouldn’t consider flying to a conference somewhere when all they had to do was to sit at home in their underwear, if they choose, and “log in.” the fact that they all congregate “somewhere” is proof that they do NOT believe what they say. That it is a scam they are working.

    • Global warming is a myth. CO2 is a requirement for the plants to survive and for the plants and trees to produce oxygen. If we cut back on CO2, then we can’t produce oxygen. So if there’s a REAL issue wth CO2 look to the rain forests. cutting those trees is surely hurting the (natural) production of O2.

    • Actually historical records show that the heat comes before the release of CO2. Historical records also show that immediately after CO2 levels rise there is a cooling trend. The rise of CO2 is a reaction to the rise in temperature, which creates a cooling trend. Therefore you are more likely to be looking at the an environment that is a precursor to a Northern Hemisphere Ice Age. It should be full blown by 2030.

    • One-third of California voters voted for Trump. Another one million, or so Republicans stayed home and did not vote because they knew their votes would not count in this insane liberal mess.

    • I just got back from Arnold, CA, approx. 4000 ft level. The snow seems normal for this time of year and I’ve seen it better/worse, depending on situation. Got snowed in before Christmas in around 1998 and after Christmas a wet warm front moved in and the rain melted all the snow so we couldn’t get out because road at each end was flooded.
      Yes, it’s a good change but nothing unusual for this area.

  2. Well the extra snow sets up the situation for the flooding and mudslides too in some areas. I hear the state is now at least considering dropping the recent drought regs.

    • They might mention it, but never would. They collect money from us taxpayers by strangling us with regulations and taxes.

  3. California. Isn’t that Al Gore’s home turf. And also of that actor/film director (I forgot his name) who is also a famous climate scientist?

  4. SO far, Mammoth Mountain got 5 feet from this storm cycle with 24-36hrs of it to go. It looks like a significant storm, but as strong as the previous one which brought 10-12ft.

  5. Quote:
    “The storm is expected to hit the Sierra Nevada (mountains) hard,” the story said. “The weather service warned of “crippling snow amounts on top of existing snow cover” and urged residents to stock up on food, water and firewood, and “essentially prepare for being stranded at home for multiple days.”
    So much for the drought, snow falls all courtesy of a Meridional Jet Stream and a Blocking High to the east of it.
    What’s enforced in Alaska should also be enforced in California, or doesn’t the remit of the EPA over wood burning extend to the California region.
    Wood burners do emit more particulates, to the same as an un-environmentally controlled diesel engine. In a heavily populated urban environment this can be unpleasant but not life threatening unlike diesel powered public trasport in Central London, but in a wilderness area with one human per square mile insignificant.

    • EPA wood burning regulation in Alaska is so idiotic, the audacity of some people. I do not want particulates so your family has to die. No heat you and your family die. Let the Gov’t try to enforce it. The polar bears will be well fed.

    • Hopefully Trump will end the careers of the true “believers’ that hate mankind and prefer to believe in caves and candles.

    • I live in CA, gold country or the Sierra Foothills at about 2000 ft. We’ve had 3 ft. (one metre) of snow in the past and may get some tonight, not a big thing.
      I also live in an old 1930’s home which is only heated with a wood burner and we stay very comfortable.
      Had a friend change from a large woodburning stove to a gas burner. His yearly wood bill was approx. $1200.00 and he stayed warm. With the gas burner his bill went up to $700.00 per month, not year, but one month, and he could not get the house warm even burning gas all day.
      Wood burning wouldn’t work out well in cities but we do fine in the country as we aren’t all packed in tight. Cheer’s.

  6. Now with Trump in office, at least kids will no longer be told that their mom’s SUV is responsible for this LOL.

  7. There is a snow pillow installed in the Sierra Nevada Mts. at a place called Leavitt Lake which measures snowfall. Currently its at 195 inches of snow. And winter still has a long way to go.

  8. Have no fear. By this time next week they’ll be yelling “DROUGHT” again and looking for every excuse to dictate peoples lives. All the while pumping our water into the ocean and zero effort to build desalination plants for the future. Hard to believe they’d say anything about “stocking up on firewood” as the collectivists in Sacramento have been trying to outlaw firewood for some time now in favor of saddling everyone onto quasi-governmental energy companies for electricity and natural gas. No one allowed to escape heir clutches.
    Natural drought periods are no doubt due to man-made global warming/climate change now and naturally the snowfall is as well.
    Also, the same old mudslides that occur naturally every year are somehow all new and devastating. Lets not let a little thing like sprawl get in the way of the narrative where people are building in areas that up to now experience their normal environmental effects without fanfare. Instead this is supposed to be shocking and totally unexpected. That evil nasty climate change perpetrated by those evil nasty people who have no respect for all of the pristine nature stuff.

    In the end, we all know this is President Trump’s fault along with those evil Republicans who want dirty air, dirty water, and Grandma eating out of Alpo cans. The UN must save us from ourselves. I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy.

    • No water for those evil farmers. Send all the water to the SF bay area libs and Hollywood clowns.
      We do not need to eat and farmers are just hayseeds.
      Nancy Pelosi and her ilk have all the answers at our expense.

      I know – maybe we can get some feminists to march!!!!

  9. Many years ago I worked for a old west Texas rancher named Gus Rogers. He had a ranch in NW Nolan County Texas and survived the drought of the 1950’s which started in 1952 and broke in’57. We were having a dry spell in the late 70’s which was nothing. We were having lunch one day and he passed this on to me.
    You know its a bad drought when the most godless cowboy comes to church on Sunday, removes his hat, gets on his knees, clasp his hands, looks skyward and in his most prayerful voice beceeches the almighty, “Please god, let it rain.
    You know the drought is broken when the same godless cowboy comes to church on Sunday, removes his hat, raises his head and in a loud voice sayes ” Alright God, thats enough.”

  10. Picture Chicken Little jumping up and down (the sky is falling! the sky is falling!).
    The climate’s changing! The climate’s changing!
    Actually snow fall totals are nothing new. Look at history.

  11. If you know any history you would know that this has happened many times before with the immigrants back in the 1800’s resorted to cannabilism to survive, the snow often even, after the railroads got through had to build snow sheds over the tracks to be able to operate during the winter. So please don’t try to say it is climate change effect. What it is ,is God in control of His environmentjust as he always has been yes even before the likes of AL Gore came around or our so called science. God has always Been and ever will be. HE DOES HAVE TO ASK

  12. This is California! Due to dangerous Global Warming & Climate Changes new regulations make snowfall illegal. Ergo, there is no dangerous snow and no clothes for the Governor.

      • I believe that H2O has about five times the heat capacity as that of CO2. More…water vapor is somewhere between 3 and 10 percent of the troposphere. CO2 is .03 percent…the upshot is that water vapor has conservatively 500 times the impact in terms of greenhouse gases compared to CO2.

  13. I am sure Gov. Moonbeam will still have his sycophants say that they will need to have even MORE water wasted on letting silly fish go to the sea, for 5th straight year.

    • Climate Change = Weather

      Every three month cycle change = Seasons

      Moonbeam, ALGOREW, Jane, Nancy . . . . !!!???

  14. We’ve had a record amount of snow here in the Boise, Idaho area this winter season. It’s snowing again as I write this! The earth may indeed be getting a little warmer each year, but the overall theory of “Global Warming” or Climate Change that the liberals of the world would have you believe, is total BS. Just another attempt on the part of the New World Order Globalist Criminals to take the money from the poor and middle class and put in in their filthy pocket and call it carbon taxes, etc. Wake up world.

  15. Yeah, because the HAARP induced high pressure zone over the Pacific has finally been turned off, so all of the pent-up moisture and energy is raging over on top of California now.

    Basically, California is suddenly getting in a few months the amount of moisture it should have been getting for years if the technocrats hadn’t been altering the weather pattern.

    “That’s crazy science fiction conspiracy talk!”

    Oh, have you personally read the documents released about what HAARP can do? Have you watched Congressional hearings on the subject?

    “Well… no! But so what? It’s just impossible!”

    Yeah okay people, don’t bother reading the SCIENCE, but lecture others on whether things are possible with our current technology.

    • I have watched some HAARP shit by gov. officials, about the same as the spraying BS. But Ssshh, don’t say anything, people will think your a nutcase that needs a doctor.

  16. It”s that damned “global warming” that’s causing all the record snowfalls. Something MUST be done!

  17. There is a problem with too much snow because it can roof cave-ins. Most people don’t realize that unless you have a very steep steel roof snow will not so easily slide off, thus the build up can contain literally tons of snow.

    At that, warm weather can be worse than very cold weather If it is warm the snow will contain much more water and when it lands on a roof it may have triple its normal weight or more.

    Two feet of wet snow can cave in a roof or at the every least cause thousands of dollars of damage in repairs. Even a steep steel roof can accumulate too much wet snow if the house is not kept very warm. If they have a 5/12 or even a 6/12 steel roof, there can be problems if the weather is not very cold and the snow dry where it can be whisked off easily.

    If a person lives where it is snowing and has a shake, shingle or composition roof they’ll need to get up there and shovel it off, creating another hazards if one falls off the roof trying to shovel it clean.

    Nutty drivers on snow covered roads are only part of the problem when it comes to minor fender-bender repairs. Home roof collapses can cost much more and can severely hamper a family’s ability to go about their daily activities.

  18. I thought all this global warming would put California in a permanent drought? The real danger is the impending ice age that is due now.

  19. In the 1950s farmers got government money to install earth dams and terrace’s to divert water to these dams. These dams watered animals in the summer when water was scarce and some irrigation. What ever happened to the culture of water conservation? Why now has the government forced farmers to remove them as well as to not permit them. Seems it does not want people to be self sufficient, but instead dependent. Yet it’s our money. CRAZY

  20. When the snow melts and flooding is severe, we will all hear about global warming, climate change and other nonsense. ALl in the name of killing our energy industry and collecting our taxes

  21. I’m expecting a press conference by Governor Brown, so he can explain that all the rain did was to spread the [imaginary] drought around.

    Making it worse.

  22. If the government of California had continued the rational strategy of water stewardship- maintaining, improving and increasing capital projects to manage water more effectively and efficiently, scale up water management to account for the population increase since the last round of water management, etc. this typical harsh drought would not have been a crisis. Farmers and ranchers would have been able to perform their jobs. Urban areas would have had much more water security. Instead a small group of extremists have distorted the process and demanded non-rational policies that have damaged the entire state. The people of California deserve better.

  23. Oh by gosh and by golly if you check the the California Rainfall stations this year, they were virtually at 0 (ZERO) right up until Donald Trump was elected President. Two short months later we are looking at an end to an unprecedented drought in this state. Hmm… Well, … Must be God right?
    Or just completely random, sure, sure . That’s it.
    Don’t even think it could be mankind right? Right.
    Happy Chemtrails to You

  24. If you want to see the worst case scenario for California, read the Wikipedia page “Pineapple Express” under “Extreme Cases” “West Coast 1862.”

    8.5 feet of rain in a bit over a month!

    Some geologists have predicted over 10 feet of rain during the next ‘biggy’ which occurs about every 160 years (2022.)

  25. I got my OVEN on right now cooking a pizza, and it created two feet of snow in my kitchen because of Gore-BULL warming.

  26. Snow needed for this summer’s agriculture in the “Golden State”. No one has more heart for Kali lettuce than I. So crunchy and good in my salad. So people suffer at high elevations. So what? They are here to serve my needs. Since the drought the veggies have been somewhat wilted and disgusting. You folks didn’t do your part to pollute the atmosphere and produce enough snow. I got no use for belly-akers or green weenies who hug trees. We need more crispy salads and intend to urge all polluters to get busy.

  27. People, that’s not snow, it’s the frozen tears of California liberals after the last election. I predict 4 years of heavy downpour. Poor yourself a glass of liberal tears and sprinkle some Cheeto dust on top, mmm tasty!

  28. The President should appoint Hillary to the Ambassador post in Bengahzi. If she is killed, then what difference, at that point, would it make? Obama?… Kenya. Bill? where ever they torture pedophiles.

  29. Oh, yeah; my point is that Al could lay down his blanket of Co2 by flying between them, having speeches in the newly formed snow fields of the Middle East! He should put skis on his jet!

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