California – “Too much snow for a ski trip”

California’s Sierra Nevada has received nearly 16 feet of snow in 18 days, says Snowpack has nearly doubled since late February,

Squaw Valley ski resort bragged that they had received 3½ feet (107 cm) of snow in 24 hours.

But it wasn’t necessarily great for would-be skiers.

It was”pretty insane week for snow in Tahoe,” said Jake  Waldrop. “Legitimately too much snow for a ski trip.”

Thanks to Chris Von Duering and H.B. Schmidt for this link

“Look for that total to be near 22-24 feet by end of current storm,” says Chris

“Not surprisingly, no mention on the Weather Channel of how much snow will potentially fall, because back-to-back normal-to-above-normal snowpack years ruins their rhetoric about perpetual drought in the Western U.S.,” says H.B.

8 thoughts on “California – “Too much snow for a ski trip””

  1. It will continue to pile up for a while, too.

    I’m near the coast and it is presently raining. That becomes snow when the onshore flow takes it to the mountains. (That’s our pattern here).

    Weather4us (on the ROKU TV) shows this storm taking a break Friday morning, then resuming that evening through next Sunday. A total of 2.5 more days of precipitation. Then we get a couple of days of sun.

    So check the snow accumulation in the Sierra Nevada on Monday…

    Oh, and remember that Sierra Nevada means Snowy Mountain range… (Or Snowy Saw Range). Just sayin’ it’s not unusual for it to get snow.

  2. yeah, what HB said, the moaning re low snowpack no water etc etc just got canned once again..
    how many times/years now have we heard the same claims from cali/greentard warmists? losing track

  3. Yeaugh that’s why I never listen to the Weather Channel. Years ago I remember at one time they appeared to be “hiding” the cold temperatures in Europe by standing infront of the coldest readings when they presented the weather map there and only pointing out the warm locales much further South.

  4. They’ll probably end up blaming the snow on California and the Northeast on a global heatwave!

  5. You underestimate the zeal and passion of the AGW faithful: They’ll simply trot out the purveyors of the “A warming world means more snow and cold” meme to insult your intelligence and strain your patience of suffering fools (esp those with microphones).

  6. Lets remember al gore said Our children would never know what snow was like. He was so wrong and he now says a warmer planet brings bigger snowstorms. Give me a break. He’s a total fraud

  7. Did all of the show from 2016-17 winter melt at Squaw Valley ski resort. As I remember there were thoughts that last years snow would not all melt. If it didn’t, Glaziers are now forming, maybe 2 years in a row.

  8. The Guv will undoubtedly ban snow next year, before people discover the plan for ADM et al to buy up all dry farmland. If they have the water their plan is foiled. …unless they have the endangered species people keeping the pumps off! Oh, and after all the private farms are sold to Monsanto due to lack of water; then they will find a miraculous way of delivering the water to the new owners; like Bayer, and not harm their species.. …oldest story in the book.

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