California Wants to Outlaw ‘Climate Change Dissent’

Senate Bill 1161 would authorize prosecutors to sue fossil fuel companies, think tanks and others that have “deceived or misled the public on the risks of climate change.”

Masquerading under the Orwellian name “California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016,”  the bill would make it illegal to engage in climate-change dissent.

The measure, which cleared two Senate committees, would allow legal action on charges of climate change “fraud” extending back indefinitely.

Luckily, the proposed law effectively died on Thursday – at least temporarily – because the California Senate failed to take it up before the deadline.

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47 thoughts on “California Wants to Outlaw ‘Climate Change Dissent’”

  1. Welcome to the Hotel California, I’m a California Man !

    [The “moment” something like this ever passes “Unconstitutional” Freedom-of-Speech” law/laws, (You) will find Me standing on street corners, walking up-and-down all major streets in my vicinity, “holding” up LARGE signs, expressing My “CONSTITUTIONAL” [Right] to FREEDOM-OF-SPEECH and “Chopping” down the Climate/Warming [CRAP] in full view of everyone and EVERYTHING !!!

    And though I live here in the Beautiful Sunshine State and I will remain here until my last breath, it truly is better for every American if the San Andreas Fault does its thing in incredible fashion and We fall off into the Pacific Ocean !

    And for those who believe that Satan’s Thrown resides elsewhere, it doesn’t !!

    His Thrown resides just below the City of San Francisco and stretches South along the San Andreas Fault to just below the Capital of Pornography, ie the San Fernando Valley !

    California Destroys Its Self and it really doesn’t even need any help from the Destroyer below Us, Californians do a great job of doing it themselves…

    • Rick,
      Glad to hear there is at least one sane person left in the state…

      I left in 2004 because I was in a bad wildfire and I’m a scardy cat. I have regretted though, but now can’t find a job there… and I’ve been looking for about the past 5 yrs.

      Whereabouts are you, if you feel comfortable answering that? I was living in Alpine, in the mountains of San Diego County. 10 years before that … in Orange County, and back in 1969 I was in San Francisco (which was not fun for me though… broke and pregnant).

      Unfortunately you’ve heard some incorrect info about the San Andreas… if it “does it’s thing”… depending on where you’re at you’ll either be sliding down South closer to Mexico or up north towards Alaska. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one!

    • You might want to pick up that sign and start marching son because we already have “hate law” legislation on the books, something that goes against our 1st Amendment Rights aiready.

    • I suspect it will take an obvious return to at least a mini ice age before this insanity of climate alarm dies.

      The increased food production capacity afforded by extra CO2 has totally demolished the 1970’s “World will starve” alarmism.

      The trouble with the onset of cooling is the reduction of food production capacity and whilst I would appreciate the climate change lobby being shown up as gullible I think the consequences of significant cooling would be, as Robert has said many times, catastrophic !

    • Reminds me of the dean’s “double secret probation” in the movie Animal House. Double secret probation didn’t do much good either.

  2. Well then, I think all oil companies should close all oil wells, close all and everything that has to do with petroleum products. No gas stations, no oil refineries, no oil storage facilities of any kind. No tankers, either ship or truck, to run fuel of any type to California. No plastic products are to be shipped there either. nuff

    • The latte sipping iPhone or iPad using climate change true believers should experience a world with little and unreliable energy.

      They wouldn’t last a week without Twitter or Facebook – both of which require copious amounts of reliable power – never mind the loss of clean water, sewage systems and refrigeration.

      People who advocate the “leave it in the ground” stupidity obviously can’t wait to join the fossil fuels in the ground – ’cause that is the consequence of shutting down 80+% of the energy supply.

    • I think doing it for the first 50 miles inland from the the coast would probably do the trick. A massive population decline would only take about two weeks. Impassable barriers on all roads leading east would be good, also. I can dream can’t I?

  3. The warmists are all wrapped up in their group think that they think they are invincible but they might want to exercise some caution in their desire for legal action. Once in court the spotlight will fall on who is telling the truth and that is where they have a problem. Warmists have generally stayed away from this because they don’t ever want to engage in debate.

  4. Actually this law would be a noose around the necks of the AGW crowd. At trial the defendant would have the right to subpoena evidence from NOAA and NASA showing their contradictory findings and out right lies on global warming.

  5. That law will come up again for a vote sooner than you think. The fight is still on. CA is at the forefront of this Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming scare and political ideology.

  6. I live in CA and am not at all surprised by this Orwellian mindset among some in the legislature. We are soon going to pay dearly for the state trying to stop AGW. Look up AB 23.

  7. This is wrong at so many levels! We must dissent! Our nation proudly demands Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Thought. As a Stanford graduate who minored in World History, I am passionate about natural changes in climate that have NOTHING to do with humans. How DARE anyone tell me I am criminal for thinking? Do we not remember Galileo, who was ridiculed by other so-called scientists for saying the world might not be the center of the universe? I dissent!

  8. the ACLU has been conspicuous by it’s absence from the debate on free speech on this topic. One may theorise that it does not comply with it’s world view.

  9. the state of fruits n nuts 😉
    you know this wouldnt be bad IF?????
    we could also sue THEM for outright Lies falsified data and using climate as a form of terrorism against gullible populations.
    the way they had planned to use it however meant all their way and no options for the TRUTH to be told or heard
    wonder if theyve done some looking into “how to be a successful dictatorship” for fun and profit…hmm?

  10. Make sure you act upon your Constitutional Right to Bear Arms before they ban that too.

    Then you can shoot the green fascists who refuse to let you exercise free speech…..

    • Well… that just happened yesterday!

      I’ve noticed everytime the Federal government wants to pass something onerous… first they pass something that is offensive and gets the conservatives all in a tizzy and distracted, while they sneak something in. Sometimes a law, sometimes a huge giveaway of taxpayer money. In this case, I suspect the distraction caused by the “transgender bathroom” issue as well as the hoopla around the primaries was used as perfect timing.

  11. Maybe they realized that the law could also be used against alarmist warming fraud as well.

  12. Wouldn’t that make the entire executive branch of the federal govt and the MSM liable to prosecution?

  13. SICK! And I say that as a former environmental planner (who did that work for over 3 years in CA). I moved in 2004 after the Cedar fire (which scared the wits out of me, destroying half the town I lived in)… and miss the weather there and my friends but with the nuts in government there now I think California has now effectively disappeared off the fact of the earth….not unlike my home town which effectively disappeared off the face of the earth when it’s two main employers … jewelry manufacturers… went belly up. ALAS!

  14. Senate Bill 1161 would authorize prosecutors to sue fossil fuel companies, think tanks and others that have “deceived or misled the public on the risks of climate change.”

    How about the government?.

  15. If this were passed, could they arrest a weather man who says “the temperature is colder today”? I’m sure it would be illegal to report snow in the mountains. The emperor’s clothes are beautiful.

  16. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

    I don’t know if this is the case here, but it’s not uncommon for legislators to introduce a screwball bill that would cause all kinds of problems if passed, then let the bill wander around in the labyrinth of legislative procedure until it dies. From the legislators’ perspective, this accomplishes several important objectives:

    1 It pleases the targeted constituency by making it look like the legislature is actually doing something.

    2 In fact, it has just the opposite result, and lets the legislature avoid taking any meaningful action on the issue at all.

    3 Prevents most of the legislators from have to actually take a stand on the issue by supporting or opposing the bill, or (God forbid!) actually having to vote on it.

    4 Lets the legislators blame everything on somebody else (“I would have strongly considered supporting that bill but ‘THEY’ killed it!).

  17. If only they would pass a law against knowingly fraudulent information by the media. If we could get stopped all their foolishness about 20 foot sea level rise, etc.

  18. I have long thinked that all bicycles and motorcycles must be equipped with roll bars, seat belts, and airbags.
    But I will not let it happen because once mommy & daddy didnt give me puppy for christmas.
    Now california is my revenge. Enjoy.
    Jahwalla Buddha III

  19. If California truly passed such a bill and then proceeded to jail the “climate deniers,” over half of the population would be in jail, including the government, because the ones that are “denying” the climate are the birdbrains – no reflections on birds intended – that “believe” in AGW.

  20. Actually, the state cannot take legal action against those businesses that are in other states. So, businesses will flee California and refuse to do business in California. Let’s see how long California can survive a nationwide boycott.

  21. Problem is Big Oil (Co) dont behave well, so its easy for the ‘warmist fools’ to find Big Dirt. Theres nothing wrong with oil (and its abiotic! not a fossil fuel) it made the 20th 21st centuries what they are (sorry eugenicist globalist anti humans). With out it we all go back to pre 1880 about. Big oil should stop leaking the stuff and clean up the act maybe itd help.

  22. Does anyone know if the Ice Age Now branch of climatology have its own ideas about what the REGIONAL weather patterns should be like if we are dropping into another Maunder or Dalton? There has already been independent research documenting much more extended droughts out West from tree rings and such in the past .. I don’t recall precisely when. Did those in any way correlate with the prior minimums. Has that connection been attempted or made?

    Specifically, would the more severe drought that the SW has had recently be due in part … not to warming but cooling? Normally, CA gets its rain during winter months. But it was during those recent really severe winters in the Great Lakes areas, when CA also experienced its driest winters. Bottom line, will a little ice age now also mean long term trouble for CA agriculture? Does that science line up?

    • Pieter, I think you nailed it!
      Though there is some disagreement whether desertification contributes to cooling, or whether long term cooling causes desertification, in my opinion it’s a bit of both. We do know for certain that during glacial epochs several things come into play. Sea levels lower and become a little more alkaline and the usual Ocean circulation patterns are altered, much available water becomes locked up in ice, the polar jet streams move closer to the equator.
      Many regional changes depend on local mountain ranges, the lay of the land, as it were, and California is a fine example of that.

      • It isn’t the cooling or warming that causes and enhances desertification and its complete opposite, but atmospheric flows of Air called Jet Streams, these flows carry rain bearing clouds over land in the track of the Jet stream. However, on each side of the Jet in the Col area between waves is a dry neutral zone.
        On the Tropics side of the Jet it is warm, on the Artic side of the jet it is Polar in nature. Jet Streams as we now know move across the planet from west to east in a wave formation.
        During Solar Warm Periods, and in particularly during the active phase of each Solar Cycle, the Jets tend to oscillate in a very shallow long period wave, similar to an ocean swell. During Solar Grand Minimums, and during the declining, and end phase of Solar Cycles, the Jets are far more Meridional in nature, and look like the steep, short period waves of a Mediterranean storm surge.
        However, another feature of Solar Minimums is that the atmosphere tends to get stuck in one track for weeks and months at a time.
        In atmospheric terms meteorologist talk of Ocean Oscillations such the Pacific (PDO) and Atlantic (NAO) where a high pressure system sits in the 70 degree latitude position and a large low sits opposite in 30 degree latitude position reversing the normal flow of the westerlies.
        Large land masses also have similar structures, in the SW US case, this is a large dry High Pressure system which is stationary for months, if not years at a time, this is what leads to desertification, as it has over North Africa. Two thousand years ago North Africa was the bread basket of the Roman Empire, and it was far warmer then than now, and no pointless, gas guzzling, SUVs tanks to do the school run either.
        That weather pattern changed with the 600 BP Solar Minimum and the start of the Sun’s disturbed orbital period of the last 1500 years. The Earth’s climate is driven by the amount of EUV emitted by our variable star, and NOT by CO2.
        CO2 levels in the atmosphere are a gas indicator of the saturation levels of our Oceans and not a function of temperature.

  23. The good news (I followed the link)… it looks like it did not pass. At least not this time!

  24. Unfortunately the legal system is becoming as farcical as what passes for science. In this country a judge ruled that Oscar (“Blade”) Pistorius did not murder his girl friend by emptying his pistol at her through a toilet door.

  25. Al Gore’s dream, “A denier free America!” Maybe the environazis can start burning books or putting Deniers in camps. It would be better if the e-Nazis read science books.

  26. This is all good.

    Sooner or later the “Deniers” have to get one of these cases to trial, produce the overwhelming geological evidence that the climate has been changing all the time (naturally) for at least hundreds of millions of years, and that the CO2 content of the air is very nearly Zero (0.04%, 1 part in 2,500).

    Most of the people I talk with about this do not know this, because the media and the Wamers & Changers have been deceiving them, concealing the evidence, us lawyers call it “a fraud by omission,” by omitting to disclose relevant facts.

    Over the last few years I’ve asked a few dozen people how much CO2 they think is in the air, what percentage. Answers have ranged from 5% to 80%, nobody has been below 5%, the truth is 0.04%, but they don’t know, nobody has told them, the truth has been concealed, it’s a cover up.

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