California water situation far more healthy than presumed

“Nearly all California reservoirs are at or above average levels.”

California water situation far more healthy than presumed

H.B. Schmidt

Plenty of information on the 130+ inches (330+ cm) of new snow at June Mountain including some amazing pictures.

I had to look up what the latest California reservoir situation is with the recent rains and a report from 24 Jan 2019 that stated “Nearly all California reservoirs are at or above average levels.” The January storms added 580 billion gallons (1.8 million acre-feet) to the state’s reservoirs.

So with all of that in mind I went to the state’s water resources website and checked their infographic of the latest reservoir levels:

This shows that California’s water situation is far more healthy than presumed by the US Drought Monitor (with the exception of Lake Oroville, which is still under constraints due to the spillway damage sustained in 2017.) The current snow water equivalent (SWE) for the intermountain West also shows normal to above normal SWE levels for this time of year.

There’s still two months left in the main precipitation period for California (Nov-Mar) and even at the beginning of the Oct 1st water year in 2018, most reservoirs were doing just fine. I’m wondering if Jerry Brown’s departure has anything to do with his state’s “perma-drought” being not so permanent?

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  1. I know when I drove north through California as I drove through the area around Shasta (this was in the fall of 2017) the local lakes and reservoirs looked just about full at that time. With the good heavy snowpack last year, there should be no real problem.

  2. Drought Monitor considers reservoirs, snowpack and groundwater when making assessments.

    Groundwater is still struggling, snowpacks at 24/01 were much less than on 5/02.

    I suspect tomorrow, the drought monitor will show very significant changes as the heavy rain and snowpack increases are brought into the data.

  3. California’s reservoirs are fine. The problem is there are not enough of them due to the huge population growth.

    The same political class that opposes dams and reservoirs encourages the immigration of millions of people – thereby causing the water crisis.
    They are the true “environmental criminals.”

    • I notice this too.

      IN the 1960 and 1970, Women and girls in the US were told over and over and over that “The Population Bomb” was going to destroy us…… don’t have babies, go on the pill, abort your babies………….

      And, now, we are told to let in MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of children from other countries, or we are racists pigs…………..

      Is it just me, or is there something going on here? When I think it through, I get so scared when I realize this all may be a hideous sickening evil Plan?

  4. The state has been aware of a water “problem” since the seventies. The first major “drought” within the memory of “boomers” took place then. Studies ordered by the gov Brown at the time came back with a conclusion he did not want to hear. What we have experienced in California during the 20th century (through the time of the study – and a conclusion that can be extended to the present) are not real droughts by any means. The studies identified one period of over a century, and another of circa 80 years duration with precipitation so low that it affected timber growth patterns (where trees rooted) – that is genuine climate change, not the trivial variability we see characterized as “climate change” at present. The study informed the governor that even damming every stream in the state could not impound enough water to supply the population of the state as it stood at that time. The state’s area and rainfall have not changed since that time, but the population has increased massively. There is no means of collecting enough water from precipitation within the state to support the population during any serious drought. Neither dams nor tunnels are solutions. I also know for a fact that the LA DWP had looked into bring water over land from as far north as Alaska and dropping it into catchments of the Colorado. This was only way DWP could conceive of that might provide adequate water to Southern California without outright destroying the state’s economy. California was at the time and still primarily an agricultural state and the vast majority of money is generated in the Great Valley, SoCal benefits from Northen California taxes disproportionately and the PTB know that.

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