California – “Winter-like storm in spring”

“Cold blast brings winter-like storm in spring,” reads the headline out of Palm Springs, California. 

6 May 2016 – “Some small business cashing in on cooler temperatures

“Rain drops fell on the valley floor and our local mountains got a dusting of snow. The tops of our local mountains also saw a dusting of snow.

“Some families at the Palm Springs Ariel tramway were caught off guard with the snowfall.”

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6 thoughts on “California – “Winter-like storm in spring””

  1. It is important to note that often our last rain comes in March… It is not unusual to have zero rain, and hot dry weather in April, it is common in May. Typically, Spring garden planting is done by mid April and last frost is well past.

    This weather reminds me of the cold 70s here. San Jose is cloudy, dark, and 2nd day straight of sporadic showers / sprinkles. More like February or March, IMHO.

    • California north of – say – Fresno often has thunderstorms in early May. I’ve been rained on very often in Davis in May. Another interesting fact this year is that there has been a steady accumulation of orographic precipitation in the Sierra. Even if it doesn’t rain in the valley, snow and rain in the mountains is HOW the state gets its water. Rain in the valley is meaningless as far as water and hydroelectric power is concerned.

  2. I live in SoCal, PS is bout 45 miles East, ya it’s definitely different from last year (And the year before), but for the most part it’s not… !

    Cooler start to Spring, and the Pacific is [Abnormally] active, storms are still comin off of Japan/Korea/Kamchatka, which again is Abe-Normal for May ?

    Ya think!

    The West ain’t warming like years before

    Cool April, cool start to May !

    Last year was all Santa Ana’s, every night, and howling, as in No-Sleep !

    That said…

    Come on El Nino, don’t shut down yet, We in SoCal got 1/5th of You, and what are you doing up North, you’re supposed to be down here !

    One thing for sure, Great Northwest/West Swells “All” Winter/Spring long, as about as good as it gets (- 1982-1983, those were Fantastic Swells) !!!

    SwellsOn, RainfallOff

    ? ! ?

  3. Given that our governments seem to lie about almost everything, I would say we a facing an ice age, not global warming. We will see, or our children will.

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