California – Winter weather in May

“We had snow in the Sierra Nevada last night along with flash flood warnings,” says reader E.M. Smith. “In California. In mid-May. A rare event / timing. Normally it is more summer like by now.”

One of several Winter Storm Warnings:

Event: Winter Storm Warning Alert:
…Snow Showers and Strong Wind for Higher Mountain Elevations into Tuesday…

.Late season Pacific storm will bring periods of moderate snow and strong wind to the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada and
mountains of Western Plumas County into Tuesday. Travel into the mountains should be avoided during this time period as slick roads, lowered visibility, travel delays and chain controls are expected.


13 thoughts on “California – Winter weather in May”

  1. At 76 and living almost all of my life in North-Central California, I have seen a number of late season storms. Around 1958 we had a three day major winter storm that closed highway 80 for a number of days. My dad told me about a year in which farmers were irrigating in February and then had floods in April. I remember another year in which we got some precipitation almost every day in Feb. and then the weather turned around and we had 80 degree or warmer weather everyday in April. In any case these late season storms would indicate that our climate is not warming much if at all.

  2. Remarkable and wonderful cool weather here in SW Utah. (This is the hot part of Utah, usually only a few degrees cooler than Las Vegas). A few 100-degree days or near that are not unusual in April, and often have begun by May. But it is bright and sunny today, after going down to 52 last night down here in the valley. It was still only 62 at 11:00 this morning, under cloudless skies, and we still haven’t come close to 100 yet this spring. I’ve been here 21 years, and this is highly unusual, although we had a similar few days right around the summer solstice last June, which was absolutely freakish, with a high of 72 (and sunny) the day before the solstice, which seemed unbelievable.

    Most of the years I’ve been here, we have had stretches of 110+ degree days in late June and early July, but have seen almost no such days for the last several years. It is still hot and miserable here in July and August, but the trend has definitely been down for several years, even when we haven’t been cooled down by monsoon rains.

    • I lived in Salt Lake for 2 years, a long time ago. I moved early June 1975… and they had a blizzard the week after I left.

  3. this is really stuffing up the fearmongers STILL trying to push the 300yr drought epic isnt it?
    calis reservoirs n snowpack etc should be pretty decent by now?
    ditto upland from them

  4. ps Aus has had more snow in nsw and from the icy chill down in low vic our mountains should have some too. its cold 12c all day and 2.6 overnight brrr

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