Camels standing in the snow – Several videos

Camels standing in the snow – Several videos

20 Dec 2016 – Heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia – Such snow not seen for many years. Temperature below zero.

Saudi Arabia: Arabic Snow Dance (with video) Dec 20, 2016: 

Severity of cold In a scene not seen in the province for years as people in Tarif province and neighboring areas greet snowfall.

Last night a beautiful winter atmosphere saw big snowfall not seen in the province for many years.

However, the severe cold did not stop the inhabitants from enjoying the snow.

There have already been published several reports of extremely cold weather with a chance of large amounts of snow in the cities in Gurayaat, Tarif and Sakaka.

Specialists said this weather will continue until next week.

Pictures .. snowfall in northern Saudi Arabia
December 20, 2016

Parents province Tarif criticize not to suspend the study in light snowfall

Tarif province exposed to cold wave, driving rain, severe drop in temperature and snowfall, which may cause a lot of disasters.

This prompted parents and guardians to criticize the Department of Education’s northern border area for not cancelling school classes.

It has surprised a lot of parents province Tarif that no action has been taken by officials in the Department of Education regarding this matter, especially for students of primary school for fear of the extremely cold climate.

Especially since meteorological reports warned of this frigid atmosphere two days ago.

It referred to the northern border areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under a state of weather extremes, where temperatures dropped them below zero.

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    • Big question is.. Will December be cold enough to cancel the El Nino for this year.

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    • Ryan, I’m in Santa Maria, CA, which is Central Coast — 3 hours N of LA. We’ve recently had nighttime lows to 28 F, so inland must be much colder.

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