Canada – Big freeze hammers Newfoundland food supplies

Canada – Big freeze hammers Newfoundland food supplies

“Where’s the beef? Empty meat shelves in province’s grocery stores,” reads the headline on CBC News.

“A particularly hard winter has hit meat supplies in eastern Canada, leaving some supermarket shelves bare,” echoes the  BBC.

Newfoundland shoppers tweeted photos of empty shelves in the fresh meat aisle, and one supermarket said it was “dramatically behind on orders,” the CBC news website reported.

Photo shared on social media shows empty shelves in the meat section of Dominion in Gander - Photo courtesy Hannah Rideout
Photo shared on social media shows empty shelves in the meat section of Dominion in Gander – Photo courtesy Hannah Rideout

Earlier reports said shops had also been running short of fruit and vegetables.

Three Marine Atlantic ferries made the crossing late Saturday with much-needed food stocks, but more ice means ferries have been stuck since then.

“Something we haven’t seen in decades”

While sea ice is normal between mainland Canada and Newfoundland, this year has been worse than usual.

“The ice conditions and the weather systems that we’ve been experiencing this winter, particularly this week, have been something we haven’t seen in decades,” said Darrell Mercer with Marine Atlantic last week. He said the ice began forming in early February, more than a month earlier than last year, and has been building ever since.

Producers are also feeling the pinch. One milk farmer says he had to ditch 100,000 litres (22,000 gallons) of milk earlier this month – with a value of about $100,000 (US$78,000, £53,000) – because it couldn’t be shipped to the mainland for processing before it spoiled.

Meanwhile, a backlog of around 350 tractor-trailer loads of food were stuck at the ferry terminal in North Sydney, waiting to cross to Port aux Basques.

No mention of fighting for food … yet.

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  1. No doubt empty shelves caused by impassible roads via mega snow which eguals no delivery.There is no shortage of cow or hog for slaughter in canada…just look at millions of tonnage Canada sends over seas to feed their masses (i.e.) japan,china,u.s.,and south america,caribean island nations…Canada is not hungry yet…lot of fish stock available as well.

  2. A swath of snow going through the central Prairie Provinces.


    Snowfall warnings for the Co. of St. Paul near Ashmont St. Vincent and St. Lina, Elk Point and St. Edouard, Lindbergh and Frog Lake, St. Paul and Lafond; Improvement District 349 including Cold Lake Air Weapons Range; Lac La Biche Co. near Fork Lake, Heart Lake, Lac La Biche and Square Lake, Lakeland Prov. Park and Rec. Area, Plamondon Hylo and Avenir; M.D. of Bonnyville near Beaverdam, Bonnyville Ardmore and Kehewin Res., Cold Lake and City of Cold Lake, Fishing Lake Smt, Glendon and Moose Lake, La Corey Wolf Lake and Truman; Smoky Lake Co. near Buffalo Lake and Kikino Smts, Vilna Saddle Lake and Whitefish Lake; Co. of Grande Prairie near Beaverlodge Hythe and Demmitt, Grande Prairie and Wembley, Sexsmith and La Glace; M.D. of Greenview near DeBolt, Little Smoky, O’Brien Prov. Park and Big Mtn Creek, Sturgeon Lake, Valleyview and New Fish Creek, Wapiti and Shuttler Flats Rec. Area; Birch Hills Co. near Eaglesham and Hwy 740, Wanham and Peoria; Clear Hills Co. near Chinchaga Wildland Prov. Park, Cleardale Worsley and Cherry Point, Hines Creek and Eureka River; Co. of Northern Lights near Dixonville and Cardinal Lake, Manning and Notikewin Prov. Park; M.D. of Big Lakes near High Prairie and Winagami Lake; M.D. of Fairview including Fairview Whitelaw and Dunvegan; M.D. of Peace including Grimshaw and Berwyn; M.D. of Smoky River including Falher McLennan and Guy; M.D. of Spirit River including Spirit River and Rycroft; Nrn Sunrise Co. near Keppler Creek, Peace River Nampa and Three Creeks; Athabasca Co. near Wandering River; M.D. of Big Lakes near Driftpile Faust and Kinuso, Enilda and Joussard; Hilliard’s Bay Prov. Park and Big Point; M.D. of Lesser Slave River near Marten Beach, Slave Lake and Saulteaux, Smith and Fawcett Lake; M.D. of Opportunity near Calling and Rock Island Lakes; Saddle Hills Co. near Bay Tree and Silver Valley, Moonshine Lake Prov. Park, Woking; Athabasca Co. near Athabasca and Island Lake, Boyle and Caslan, Grassland and Atmore, Rochester Colinton and Meanook; Co. of Barrhead near Barrhead and Lac la Nonne, Neerlandia Bloomsbury and Vega, Thunder Lake and Holmes Crossing; M.D. of Lesser Slave River near Chisholm and Cross Lake; Thorhild Co. near Newbrook and Long Lake Prov. Park; Westlock Co. near Larkspur Fawcett and Jarvie, Westlock and Clyde; Woodlands Co. near Fort Assiniboine Timeu and Topland; M.D. of Big Lakes near Swan Hills; M.D. of Greenview near Fox Creek; Woodlands Co. near Benbow and Windfall, Carson-Pegasus Prov. Park, Goose Lake, Whitecourt and Blue Ridge; Yellowhead Co. near Edson and Sundance Prov. Park, Peers and Niton Junction regions.

    “Snow will begin late this evening in western portions of the warning such as Valleyview and Fairview, while areas closer to the Saskatchewan border will see snow begin Wednesday morning. Snowfall amounts will be highly variable, as there is some instability in the airmass. As a result, in general, 10 to 15 cm (3.9″ to 5.9″) of heavy, wet snow can be expected, but isolated amounts of 25 cm (9.8″) aren’t out of the question.

    Snowfall will taper off by Wednesday afternoon or evening.”


    Snowfall warnings for the Flin Flon Cranberry Portage and Grass River Prov. Park, Snow Lake and Herb Lake Landing, Island Lake, Oxford House and Gods Lake, Red Sucker Lake, Cross Lake and Jenpeg, Hwy 6 between Little Limestone Lake and Ponton, Molson Lake and Bear Lake, Norway House, Wabowden, North and South Moose Lake including Moose Lake Res. and The Pas Cormorant Westray and Wanless regions.

    “A spring storm will track across Central Manitoba Wednesday through Wednesday night and will bring rain and snow to the region. Precipitation will start off as rain through the warned regions, then switch over to snow Wednesday afternoon into the evening hours as cooler air begins moving in from the northeast. Snowfall totals by Thursday morning are expected to be between 10-15cm (3.9″ to 5.9″).

    There is some uncertainty associated with this system: the speed and timing of the transition from rain to snow has the potential to impact snowfall amounts. Confidence in totals of at least 10cm (3.9″) through the warned region is high. In addition to the snow, gusty northerly winds will develop overnight which may produce periods of poor visibility in blowing snow.”


    Blizzard warnings for the Aupaluk, Kangirsuk and Quaqtaq regions.

    “Snow combined with strong northerly winds will cause blizzard conditions over these coastal areas of Ungava Bay beginning early this evening until Wednesday evening.”


    Snowfall warnings for the Buffalo Narrows and Peter Pond Lake, Île à la Crosse and Beauval, Candle Lake Prov. Park and Narrow Hills Prov. Park, Hwy 165 between hwys 2 and 914 including Pinehouse Lake, Lac la Ronge Prov. Park including La Ronge, Montreal Lake and Molanosa, Prince Albert Nat. Park, Cumberland House, Hanson Lake Road between Hwys 165 and 135, Hanson Lake Road east of Hwy 135 including Creighton, Hwy 135 including Pelican Narrows and Sandy Bay, Seabee Mine and Southend – Brabant Lake – Kinoosao regions.

    “A low pressure system will move across Saskatchewan on Wednesday, bringing with it fresh snow. A band of heavier snow is expected from Buffalo Narrows to Pelican Narrows. Along this line, 10 to 15 cm (3.9″ to 5.9″) of snow can be expected to fall through the day.

    Snow will taper off Wednesday evening.”


    Blizzard warning for the Dempster region.

    “A stagnant pattern with an Arctic ridge extending through the N.W.T. and a trough of low pressure through the Yukon will continue to give blizzard conditions near the Richardson Mountains tonight and tomorrow. Winds of 50 km/h with gusts up to 80 (31.1 to 49.7 mph) and loose snow will reduce visibility to near zero at times. The conditions are expected to improve Wednesday night as the pattern changes.”

  3. Unfortunately sea ice conditions will get much worse as the Solar Minimum progresses in the North West Atlantic. The Gulf Stream is weakening into the North Atlantic, possibly because the surface heat flow from the Indian and Pacific oceans is being satisfied by the increased sea water cooling surrounding Antarctica. A further 12 harsh winters of increasing severity should be expected, with a short period of less harsh winters covering the short Solar Max during SC25, followed by another 12 years of hard winters until the Max starts in SC26. Another 140 year Warm period then starts, half way though the cult of the Gullible Warmist will start up again demanding to tax the working poor more heavily for energy usage than the rich few.

  4. Solutions exist. Expecting fresh milk and fresh meat is obviously out of the question. Citizens need to buy canned meat and dehydrated milk in bulk in the summer so as to be ready to get through the winter months. Fruits can also be canned. Cereals and bread are easy to buy in forms that can be stocked up at home.

    I too am amazed at the extent of the sea ice around Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador this winter. Never before have I seen so much ice forming on the west side of Greenland. No doubt the local fishing industry is having problems to get their boats into and out of port.

    Specially modified heavy transport aircraft could land to deliver supplies if conditions do not moderate ?

    This season in the British Isles we have experienced a mild winter. However as a result I predict that this summer 2015 will be very stormy. Already we are getting thunder storm with heavy rain with gale force winds ripping at the roof tiles. Yesterday in London a full size window frame was blown out and fell on a woman below. She is recovering in hospital.

    • People will only start to stock up on things if they think they need to, Neil. In the UK, we are being fed the GW nonsense all the time. So nobody plans for really cold weather. Also, I wouldn’t say that the weather has been mild all through this winter. Where I live, it has been pretty chilly with hard frosts and quite a lot of snow. It’s still pretty cold. Perhaps the cities are a bit warmer due to the urban heat effect.

  5. Maybe the Newfies should focus on food independence. If they won’t or can not they run the risk of being like the Vikings in Greenland during the little ice age. They should also use google earth and note all the geophysical features of Newfoundland that indicate that when a major glaciation occurs Newfoundland will be buried in snow then ice and scraped clean. Having a contingency plan for mass relocation would be a good idea.

  6. “No mention of fighting for food … yet.”

    Imagine this played out in a scenario where the greens had their way and shut down coal and oil energy sources !

  7. Newfoundland is too close to Greenland for comfort. Just watch the icebergs drifting along the coastline in May and June. It won’t be long before all the Canadian provinces will be looking at diminished food supplies in supermarkets. The prairies, the wheat basket of Canada and much of the world will plant seed soon and not see wheat grow to fruition soon with the extreme cold soon to come. Bread will also gone from the shelves.

  8. Newfoundland is too close to Baffin bay (the endpoint of the laurentide ice shield) this summer locals need to concentrate on fishing, canning, and prepping for a harsh 5 months (Nov-Mar) minimum…freeze and vaccum seal your fish you catch…use solar lamps in your basements and start your plants on time then you got flexibility on when conditions are ok to transplant….this spring for the second year in the row my best friend in Connecticut had to transform her living room into a temporary greenhouse because its still too cold for tomato plants but they need to be planted now to be able to get a full growing season of tomatoes

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