Canada – “Extreme” sea ice prevents crucial deliveries to isolated communities

Grocery store shelves “are quickly becoming bare.”_________________

Early arrival of sea ice

Authorities in Canada’s Arctic north are scrambling to transport critical supplies to three communities – Paulatuk, Kugluktuk and Cambridge Bay – after the early arrival of sea ice prevented delivery barges from reaching the region.

The three isolated communities, with a combined population of nearly 3,000, have been unable to receive shipments of food, fuel and lumber after ice sealed off the Amundsen Gulf.

The government plans to airlift nearly 600,000 litres of diesel fuel to ensure sufficient reserves to weather the bitterly cold winter. The operation is expected to involve 50 to 60 flights.

“This is absolute ridiculous,” said Joh Holland, a municipal representative from Paulatuk. “We’ve got people waiting for food. We’ve got hunters waiting for vehicles.”

Ice so extreme even the icebreaker couldn’t get through

The ice has been described by officials as “extreme.” Even the Canadian coast guard’s largest icebreaker in the region – the Louis St Laurent – was unable to help break open a channel for the barges.

In Paulatuk, the shelves of the grocery store are quickly becoming bare as nonperishable items like flour quickly disappear.

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14 thoughts on “Canada – “Extreme” sea ice prevents crucial deliveries to isolated communities”

  1. maybe if they ask russia nicely?
    bad news if loopaper was running out;-) no trees or leaves or grass handy

  2. global warming? I just read the ice is melting. Maybe they didn’t get the memo. The media says it’s warming and they are never wrong.

  3. Let’s get serious.

    The majority of Scientist have the data to show that Man can increase the Temperature of the Earth simply buy driving Ram Pick-ups. Because the Earth is going to begin freezing, MAN needs to do the following:

    1) Burn all “recyclable” paper products. Out in the open, In big huge flaming piles. We already have the “recycle” infrastructure in place. Start burning all these great Heat Generating sources.

    2) Shut down all Nuclear Power Plants and revert back to COAL.

    3) Shut down all Nuclear Powered Naval vessels and return to Bunker-Fuel Oil steam engines.

    4) Reduce auto MPG to 8 miles per galleon, like those great 1958 DeSoto’s, Bel Aires and Cope de’Villes.

    5) Outlaw Electric Buses. We need to IMMEDIATELY go to Diesel Engines.

    6) Criminalize “Car Pooling”. Any time a Police Officer sees a car with more than one occupant, they need to issue a $500 Anti-Freezing Ticket.

    If we do this, we can prevent the Global Ice Age. Only man can change the temperature of the World and if we don’t do this, the poor will freeze, the marginalized will freeze and starve, minorities will suffer even more than they are suffering……………………

    Please, do it for the children.

  4. Imagine the chaos and shortages when a major glaciation sets in and is unrecognized as such not just in the far north but also closer to southern areas of Canada. There are things people won’t believe are a problem until it kills them.

  5. Also could pump air into coal mines and oil fields and set them on fire. Then till the tundra to thaw it out to liberate the methane. Easy peasy. But humans are a hypnotized, psychotic, psychopaths that are begging to go extinct.

  6. Only two “yachts” made it through the NW Passage this season.
    Some needed help from the Canadian Coast Guard.
    Perhaps without these distractions, some needed shipments could have been made?
    The irony is that the “warmers” sail to polar regions to “prove” that there is no ice there.
    And get iced in.

  7. The IPCC used Trenberth et al in one of their reports – viz:-

    AR 4 2007 Climate Change 2007: Working Group I: The Physical Science Basis FAQ 1.1 What Factors Determine Earth’s Climate? Figure 1.

    This figure reproduced here –
    indicates that of the 239 W/m2 Earth emits to space “on average” 199 W/m2 is emitted by the atmosphere and a mere 40 W/m2 directly from the Earth’s surfaces.

    So “greenhouse gases”, which constitute at most ~2.04% of the atmosphere by volume, supposedly emit ~83.3% of Earth’s infra-red radiation to space AND almost none of this comes from Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon !

    Remember climate “science” says that 99% of the atmosphere does not absorb infra-red radiation and therefore 99% of the atmosphere does not emit infra-red radiation to space either.

    So can someone please explain how adding more of the infra-red emitting “greenhouse gases” to the atmosphere will not cause the atmosphere to emit MORE to space ?

    After all climate “scientists” insist the 99% that is Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon doesn’t emit any significant infra-red radiation.

    And funnily enough, a bunch of climate “scientists” accidentally admitted that as CO2 levels increase so does the amount of radiation to space as shown by every satellite dataset including here :-

    Seriously, you couldn’t write comedy better than this stuff.

  8. Seems like these people should not be living so far north. This may sound mean, but if they want to live their old lifestyle, and live off of the seals like they did 200 years ago great, but if they insist on living in the cold and demand modern conveniences like Diesel fuel for snow mobiles, these people have just become welfare cases. People shouldn’t be forced to pay for another’s lifestyle.

  9. Bob Hoye,

    RE: “Perhaps without these distractions, some needed shipments could have been made?”

    Apparently some Canadian bureaucracy took over the resupply efforts this year. Comment from one of the people up there: “I just don’t understand why they couldn’t bring barge in earlier in the season. They did it for other communities in the western Arctic – why not us? We want answers.”

    If you want anything screwed up, put the government in charge.

    The closure of the Northwest Passage should have been clearly seen coming. The satellites saw the sea-ice lifting away from the North Coast of Greenland, and what goes up there must come down on the far side of the Pole. But the media elusively focuses on where sea-ice is vanishing, and turns a blind eye to where it is shifting to, the result being 2000 people without winter fuel, and pilots needed to endanger themselves at great expense. It will take something like 60 flights to resupply those people, and some things they have already paid for, such as snowmobiles, won’t be included. What a debacle!

    We need people who look at the present tense and respond to what is actually happening. Ordinary people need supplies, not political theories.

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