Canada set to leave Kyoto Protocol

Canada will announce next month that it will formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, reports CTV’s Roger Smith.

The news came as Environment Minister Peter Kent prepared for a climate conference in Durban, South Africa, with delegates from 190 countries seeking a new international agreement for cutting emissions.

“Canada goes to Durban with a number of countries sharing the same objective, and that is to put Kyoto behind us,” said Kent in the House of Commons on Nov 22.

The accord is set to expire next year.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May called the move “a very damaging act of sabotage.”

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“Signs of sanity are finally appearing in the world,” says James.

18 thoughts on “Canada set to leave Kyoto Protocol”

    • I do not believe the US ever signed Kyoto here in Oz our retarded ex-PM Rudd signed it and now we have brought in crippling taxes so we are “not left behind” it turns out we are leading the way with no one following :((

      • And the exhorbitant costs of trying to reduce harmless C02 emissions are what will leave you behind. The green conundrum.

    • U.S.A. never signed the Kyoto accord. The bloodthirsty warlord obama was a sitting board member on the now defunct Chicago Climate Exchange and it’s farcical and fraudulant Carbon Trading Credits.

  1. I don’t believe we ever signed the Kyoto Protocol. Political campaigning and political reality are 2 completely different animals. Of course, what the EPA is doing on its own is just about as bad.

  2. The lines are clearly drawn in the sand or should I say in the snow… The SOCIALIST NDP party is ticked because one of their pet money sinks is to be subjected to scrutiny by a more rational group of people. Hopefully more countries will follow Canada’s lead and shed themselves of the Kyoto Accord. In these times of economic stress, Canada needs to tend to more important business and conserve tax dollars by spending wisely. Good on ya Canadian Government.

    • What is wrong with being a Socialist? The word is derived from SOCIETY. Can’t have a decent SOCIETY without SOCIALISTS.

      • To a degree you are correct. But, extremes are not desirable on either side of the equation. Today the “Socialists” are pushing a very extreme agenda to the point that it has become a Communist Agenda … which is an Extreme Form of Socialism.

        On the other hand Extreme Free Market Capitalism can leave a lot of destitute people in its wake. As happened a number of times in America up to and including “The Great Depression.” That is the very reason FDR came up with the New Deal. Because America was filled with millions of people who were impoverished, starving, and lacking in basic necessities. You can’t just get rich on the backs of “We the People” and then discard us to the trash heaps to wait until we are needed again …. We tend to get pi$$ed off about little things like that …

        Extremes from either side are to be avoided ….

  3. I don’t know what you read into the article, but all I saw when I read it was that they have decided to pull out of Kyoto because it puts restraints on developed nations without putting them on developing nations. It also seemed to say that they intend to continue pursuing the same agenda, but at a different pace. It is nice that they decided to commit suicide slower, but I don’t see, in the article, that they have decided not to commit suicide at all. Merely slowing down the process of carbon emission suppression doesn’t strike me as a sign of sanity or imply they have woken to the the reality of carbon dioxide emissions, it merely says they are waiting to a later date to enforce the whole damn thing.

  4. I guess the Canadians have given up hope for a warming climate. Realization has replaced imagination. Over 90% of Canada now has snow cover. This is not unusual for late Novemeber, but it is not what was promised.

  5. A Maunder minimum will put a stop on many things, including the existence of some countries.
    Is Canada going to be 50% of itself in 20 years from now? That is the question that I was already asking myself 40 years ago, Canadian winters can be scary!

    • I don’t know about Canada, but Detroit, and a few other big Northern U.S. cities are half of what they were 20 years ago.

  6. “Can’t have a decent SOCIETY without SOCIALISTS”

    Socialism is the long, dark shadow cast by approaching communism… don’t ever mistake this! Socialists are parasites on society and all are equal except their leaders as is the case in a communist society.

    • Hmmm…. I’m conservative, but I wouldn’t like to have to start “Society” over again, from scratch every time we bottom out in the Capitalist Market. “Society” as we know it today was a much different thing prior to the New Deal. I dare say that none of us would like to have to live in the poverty that was rampant in America even prior to the “Great Depression.” You can not have a “Society” without being “Social.” Extremes are dangerous whether left or right. Go far enough left, you end up on the right … Go far enough right, you end up on the left.

  7. Canada is going to follow the US on climate change polic, and from what is happening with the EPA is just as bad as Kyoto.

  8. When half the world, or more is dead or dying from cold and starvation, then the remainder will “wake up.” Then, those in government and their crony pseudo scientists will blabber about how “things didn’t turn out quite the way we expected.” Afterward, any who are left will be made to feel that they “are lucky to still be alive” and will pick up the pieces and go on; same as always. Unfortunately, humans can be incredibly thick.

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