Canary Islands: New Island In The Making?

An underwater volcano just south of the Canary Islands may be the beginnings of a new island, or may add new territory to the southern coast of El Hierro, says this article on the BBC.

There has been an enormous amount of seismic activity around the island,” says Nemesio Perez, scientific coordinator at Involcan, the Canaries Institute of Volcanology.

In the past four months, more than 11,000 tremors have been detected across the island, including to the north of the island.

With more than 500 open-sky cones, El Hierro is the most volcanic of all the Canary Islands.

“Right now, the eruption south of El Hierro is really a submarine eruption only,” says volcanologist Dr Joachim Gottsmann. But, he adds, this could change at any minute.

About 190 feet (60m) below the ocean surface, the underwater volcano – which has been erupting for more than a month – is spewing gases and burning lava and creating a dead zone.

“It kills everything,” says fisherman Elio Morales Rodriguez in the village of La Restinga, on the south coast of El Hierro island. “No fishing, no dive schools, no tourists, just dead fish on the surface.”

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Thanks to John Brown in Ardrossan, Scotland,for this link

“Is it any wonder the oceans are heating up?” asks John

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    • Hi Victoria,

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  2. In the last few weeks, the bulk of the seismic activity has been northeast of the island. I don’t think anyone has any idea about what is going on there. There are a series of webcams that have gone up on El Hierro – one overlooks the village of La Restinga, one is pointed at the eruption site of the underwater volcano, one wasn’t working and is associated with the tunnel linking the southern half of the island to the north half, and the fourth seems to be pointed out over a town towards the general location of the earthquakes in the bay off the northeast side, an area that is believed to have fallen into the sea about 10,000 years ago. I’m not sure that the underwater volcano is far enough away from El Hierro to end up as an independent island when it finally surfaces. It may just add a further section onto the island over time. If you are interested in looking at the webcams, they’re off this link –

    Final thought, which is as much a question. ARE the oceans heating up or is the total heat contained within them about the same as it has been?

  3. Perhaps, if the island becomes large enough, we can all move there and form our own free republic!

    Just Say No To AGW

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    re Oceanic warming, Argo Buoys show cooling happening the seas have shed built up external top are heat it seems, whats under is pretty normal, imagine how cold it would be without the thermal vents, if they want to blather on about dying fish and acid oceans less alkaline does NOT mean acid enough to dissolve shells until 800ppm or so, and that is NOT going to happen outside of a lab.

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