Canberra – “Unusually cold start to the cooler months”

On Saturday, Canberra, Australia, had a top of 9 degrees C, the earliest start to the season in 31 years.

Forecaster Sean Carson says the last time it was this cold so early in Autumn was in 1983.

Around the region, Braidwood dropped to zero while Goulburn recorded minus 2, as did the Snowy Mountains.

Temperatures dropped minus 1.7 degrees at Canberra Airport and minus 2.6 degrees at Tuggeranong.

Mr Carson says more freezing temperatures are expected this week.

“The cold front that swept across on the weekend did bring a dusting of snow across the Snowy Mountains,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “Canberra – “Unusually cold start to the cooler months””

      • The big difference from the northern hemisphere is there is ocean between Australia and Antarctica and therefore the cold air mass is not as cold as it would be if it passed over cold land mass.

        Not sure I’ve ever heard masses of cold Antarctic air pouring into Australia called a “polar vortex” though – but the phenomenon is much the same.

    • All the press reports I have read were about the super severe never encountered before heat wave covering every inch of Australia.

      I suspect it was hyperbole on the part of the reporters – but I am also guessing this cold spell will be ignored by the American press.

      • On Australian TV the weather maps once showed any land area over 40C as red but somewhere along the line the color code was changed.
        Now any area over 30C is red and the word “hot” is used to describe temps from the high 20s up.
        There seems to be another new development.
        It has been raining virtually non stop countrywide for well over 12 months which is unusual for Australia in Summer, normally we have periods of dry weather. The media have begun deleting the symbol for rain and using the one for cloud instead when only light rain or scattered showers are forecast. we used to have the rain symbol for any chance at all.

  1. was also a damned cold day in Victoria today, dont reckon it got over 12 at best, icy bite to the wind like when theres snow on the peaks elsewhere.

  2. This should bring a wry smile to the face of Tony Abbott,how nice it is being a politician on the right side of history.
    Instead of shutting down power stations he is shutting down the Carbon Tax. How will Angela Merkel feel when they next meet?
    Germany is facing a boondoggle deficit that makes Greece look like geniuses!
    The Greens version of sustainable energy is set to cripple Europe but just wait until we have their style of sustainable travel, industry and agriculture.

    • It’s good to see at least one developed country is pushing back pushing back against the one-worlders’ carbon tax scam.

      Is there any fracking going on in Aus/NZ?

  3. With all the cold air still floating about in the North East and North Central US, and now the Southern Hemisphere is falling headlong toward Winter with record low temperature departures. It seems like the Global Albedo is pointing to a new Ice Age and is tracking as predicted by those with their eyes open. Those who’s funding and stipends are at risk of being rescinded by the light of the empirical evidence all about the planet will double down to proselytize that Climate Change is the cause of Global Warming. How true. Climate Change is also the cause of Global Cooling too. What’s really funny is that a world with Static Climate would not be a very pleasant place to live. I suggest creating a fund to combat Climate Stasis. For that is the real threat to humanity! LOL.

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