Canoe turned into an Icebreaker for Duck Rescue – Fun videos

Oh, and she laid an egg overnight! 

I know this doesn’t compare to hundreds of cattle being buried by an avalanche, but West Virginia has 20,000 small farmers like ourselves, and this picture .. the impact of the ongoing “flip-flopping” crazy jet stream cold caused by our “Quiet Sun” is being repeated across the Lakes and Mountains region.

This was the FIRST rescue..

See video:

​Later yesterday, just before dark, I found an Indian Runner Duck had remained on the pond.. she would have died of exposure.. when I found her she couldn’t even stand!

This is from today, prior ​to us releasing her to the flock –

See video:

Oh, and she laid an egg overnight! 
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Caroline Snyder
Shady Grove Farm and the English Baker

4 thoughts on “Canoe turned into an Icebreaker for Duck Rescue – Fun videos

  1. interesting you have dark Muscovy ducks?
    in aus theyre white or the odd pied one.
    and look to be larger? though thats hard to really tell from the distance i guess, my birds would have been around 7kg to 10kg at least back when i had a flock.
    I adore the black indian runner:-)
    coloured ones are pretty rare in aus majority are white
    “toilet brush ducks” i called em;-)
    took me years to find a coloured Pair
    i named them Harold and Maud;-)
    nice to see yours being so well cared for:-)

    • Laurel, Almost all the ones over here are black with white fronts. We do have some that are predominantly brown also. Our males are around 13 to 15 lbs (6 to 7 kg) and the females are half that weight.

      Haha! I call them Beer Bottle Ducks! Their long bodies and necks, I think, make them more vulnerable to cold exposure, but this is our 4th winter with ducks and the first time we have had issues.

    • Aww!! We WILL be raising the Muscovies for meat.. this is the first year. It has 40% less fat than regular ducks.. the Muscovy isn’t really a duck as it is not bred from the mallard . It is almost more goose than duck and yes it does taste wonderful!

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