Can’t terrorists see that climate change is the most important security issue?

“We shouldn’t allow this isolated event in Paris to take our eye off the ball,” writes Jack Hellner. “After all we have our President, Secretary of State and top Democratic candidate focused like a laser beam on the most dangerous threat to our freedom; climate change.”

“They are showing true leadership. Al Gore was doing a 24 hour webcast at the Eiffel Tower Friday the 13th on climate change. If only the terrorists had been listening maybe they could have understood how much we cared and the attack wouldn’t have happened.”

“Thank goodness France is a gun free zone. That kept them safe.

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“Why can’t the terrorists see that climate change is the most important security issue?”

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  1. More than a century ago a satirical author wrote a series of stories based on rural life in south east Queensland Australia.

    Times were tough for struggling farmers at the time and believe it or not there were actually drought and heat not possibly associated with CO2.

    There was a severe, Australia wide, 1902 Federation Drought – Australia was officially united as a nation in 1901.

    One of the best quotes from these writings is about politicians :-

    “Smith, the member for our district, died one day, and we forgot all about him the next.

    Not that a politician is ever remembered much after he dies, but Smith had been a blind, bigoted, old Tory, and was better dead.

    Politicians are mostly better dead, so far as other people and their country is concerned …”

    Applicable a hundred years later ?


    They terrorize us with false claims of future warming disasters based upon an unproven theory.

    They terrorize us with wild claims of a titanic rise in ocean level of 3 to 6 meters, when in reality it may only be 6 to 12 inches.

    The terrorists claim humans are the cause of increased greenhouse gas, CO2, but fail to mention that Mother Nature produces 97% of all greenhouse gases including CO2.

    They threaten to take away our rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness” by restricting our lifestyles as well as our energy use.

    Yes, they are the “Global Terrorists”, and should be treated as such!

    • For the period between 1870 and 2004, global average sea levels are estimated to have risen a total of 195 mm during the last peak years of the recent Solar Warm period, which ended in 2008, satellite data is showing a rise of 3.3 ± 0.4 mm per year from 1993 to 2009.
      Since that time, world temperature averages have stalled and are now cooling with ice caps recovering. This cooling process will accelerate and sea level rises will go into reverse dropping by nearly 1M by 2056.
      The drop in sea level might just about recover to present levels by the time next Solar Minimum starts around 2185.

  3. Please please read the UN Agenda 2030 Document! – This is the new revamped version of the older Agenda 21.

    Also WATCH THIS VIDEO from 1 month ago which explains the true Horror of what the leaders of the world are really trying to do! —
    This is UK Lord Monckton explaining exactly what is really happening. He is also very entertaining to watch.

  4. In the past, climate drove the downfall of civilizations. Has it begun to do the same now? If this conference were about global cooling, would we consider it a worse threat than ISIS? Please inform me.

    • First, we only “guess” what drove the downfall of civilizations in the past. Like all things science, prior to the last few hundred years, we do NOT know squat, we theorize and sometimes we may even be close.

      Since the “sense” I get of you post is that you think that global warming – if it actually was happening – is more significant than terrorism and are asking if we would say a coming ice age would be to us, let me answer only for me. Adjusting to a coming ice age would be more important than trying to prevent it, true, but first I have to live to see either global warming or global cooling, thus someone with a gun pointing at me will be more important than something that “might” happen 50 years from now.

      I hope this answered your question.

  5. Well. the climate brou ha ha is an example of the global mafia calling in markers. The 4 meeting before this? To make sure everybody is in line. To know what they want and tclo make sure it is in place and to have something on them if they refused the bait. Gosh, does that sound like a movie? Ah the old psychological trick of stating plainly the motives so one is then disarmed and disabled.
    How amazing China was included in the IMF a day before! Africa I suspect will be offered a package deal that includes the money for the climate tax. Sadly the monetary offer will put stars in their eyes. India is the wild card for one reason: they went to Mars with their $1.99 satellite and by doing so raised themselves in the eyes of the world from 3rd to 1st, on equal footing. And the big money doesnt have anything on them. Russia writ over.
    The outcome: freedom for the rest of the world.

  6. As the earth cools, the C02 levels should start to dip with the temperature.

    I wonder if they will take credit for that? “Strict regulations have caused a drop in C02 levels, thus a drop in temperature! Give us your moneys!!”

    Would they take credit for a deep freeze, and increase in famine and associated deaths too? I say, No Take Backsies.

  7. Can’t terrorist see that climate change is the most important security issue ? Yes the zionist terrorist that push multiculturalism, diversity and agw down every ones throats know that its as fake as isis.

  8. Actually “Climate Change” or the Climate Change fraud, and more to the point Environmental Fraud, is becoming a greater threat to our Freedoms, than ISIS will ever be.

  9. And now that so many were recently killed, security is stepped way up for allthe klimat kommies in paris. Isn’t it amazing how these bastards can make everything work for them at our expense?

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