Cap-and-trade nothing more than a cash grab, says Ontario Premier

A government cash grab that doesn’t help the environment.

3 Jul 2018 – “Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Tuesday announced formal plans to end the province’s cap-and-trade program, saying the measure was nothing more than a government cash grab that didn’t help the environment.

Ford also took aim at carbon taxes in general, calling them “no more than government cash grabs that do nothing for the environment.”

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“This will also be a federal issue in Canada’s 2019 federal elections,” says Norman. “People are waking up. Taxes suck, even if they have a bogus feel-good rationale.”

3 thoughts on “Cap-and-trade nothing more than a cash grab, says Ontario Premier”

    • True, but most of them that are waking up can’t afford the “virtue” and that helps enlighten them. The problem is the damn fools with the deep pockets that can afford them but find a way to dodge them, leaving it all to those of us that can’t afford them but get stuck with the costs no matter what.

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