Caracas plunged into darkness – Hospital patients dying

“No power, no phone service, no water.”
This is what Socialism does.

CARACAS, March 9 –  Clinics in the sweltering western state of Zulia scaled back operations after nearly 72 hours without power.

Doctor Julio Castro tweeted that 17 people had died during the blackout, including nine deaths in emergency rooms.

Six of the Venezuela’s 23 states still lacked power as of Saturday afternoon

11 thoughts on “Caracas plunged into darkness – Hospital patients dying”

    • Thanks for the link. It confirms my suspicions. Typical US (CIA) modus operandi to effect regime change. The protests in the Sudan commenced immediately after their president’s visit to Assad in Syria. Coincidence?

  1. Really? Socialism? Not US sanctions? Venezuela was doing very nicely on socialism but the US couldn’t allow that and slapped sanctions on them. It’s a well trodden path to war and colonization.

    • “National” Socialist Germany was also doing very nicely, from around 1933 to 1941, with the Autobahns, full employment, Pro Family, Pro Children policies, until the US couldn’t allow that…….So we go to war and kill them………………….

  2. The cause of failure was not a lack of maintenence, but a cyber attack on the valve control system. Jim Stone has further details. (

    Read up on Stuxnet and Fukushima.

    Socialism is guranteed to be corrupt and to misallocate resources, but it is not right to blame a socialistic government for clandestine foreign attacks, the goal being to replace socialism with a multi-national compliant Pinnochet style fascism.

  3. And here in the US there are a myriad of youthful voters who think Socialism is the next best thing since sliced bread. Too bad they haven’t had the opportunity to live long enough to witness Socialism’s historical failures throughout the world.

  4. Wow! American Marxists! Who would have thought. I all you would stop focusing on your favorite propaganda site and talk with real venezuelan’s who were lucky enough to escape, you might get real knowledge of what has been going on. Read between your bullet points. Of course Germany had full employment, it was the workers paradise like every Marxist regime that has graced the world. All of you take the blinders off. For 50 years, Europe struggle with double digit unemployment and high inflation. The EU experiment is barely hanging on, and if Germany pulls out half of them will go bankrupt because lie the US, everyone takes advantage of their generosity.

  5. I cant believe I am reading that some here think that Socialism works just fine if left alone. You all need to stop relying on the “web” for your information and go get out the “50s history books and work forward to the latest versions. After that go sit down with a great book titled “Animal Farm” that explains this “ism” very well. America has been slowly, step by incremental step, been taken to the headwaters of Socialism. And here we are today, with a paddock full of sheeple that can hardly remember what freedoms have been taken from them.
    I am very sure, that the Venezuela people recall that 15 years ago, they could shop in grocery stores, had a paycheck to support their family’s, had a GDP that was the envy of the world, and travel freely in their own country. Then some smart butt bus driver got a hold of the government and convinced the people that everyone was going to be taken care of by the government and so the government needed to own all. Now Venezuela is no better than Zimbabwe with an inflation rate over 100%…meaning you have to have a wheel barrow of worthless cash to get a loaf of bread…if there is any at all.
    Is the US helping get rid of the puppet of Cuba since the election??I am sure we are. Take this as a thoughtful lesson…if the Venezuela people had a standing armed populace, as America (an as the German people were in 1930) do you think they would be so helpless to get rid of tyranny???

  6. @ Dale. Better this than boots on the ground.
    Still not convinced repeating dictator’s propaganda counts as proof of anything.

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