Carbon dioxide emissions increase at El Hierro

Carbon dioxide emissions increase at El Hierro

“PEVOLCA* confirms a further increase in carbon dioxide emissions in El Hierro. The emission of CO2 is one of the parameters of a volcanic eruption precursors but has to be assessed jointly with others, such as deformation and seismicity depth.

Observers also report a faint sulfurous odor.

According to Patrick Allard,  Directeur de recherche CNRS, Paris, the eruption is in a transition phase between purely submarine and Surtseyan-type subaerial. The relative calm in the afternoon could have simply resulted from partial removal (collapse?) of the upper part of the new volcanic cone.

New pictures made today (6 Nov 11) HERE.

Increasing CO2 emissions? Hmmm. I wonder why CO2 levels have been rising? Do you suppose volcanoes have anything to do with that?

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Plan Especial de Protección Civil y Atención de Emergencias por Riesgo Volcánico en la Comunidad Autónoma de Canarias (PEVOLCA)


8 thoughts on “Carbon dioxide emissions increase at El Hierro”

  1. The volcano should be made to pay a CO2 fine for such profligacy and affront in spewing so much CO2 when it is not even born as an island.
    What a pretender. Those self appointed greens should go there and give this upstart an in your face real tongue lashing and threatening it that they will stay there until it repents.

  2. Yes! Send Al Gore and all Global Warmers to the volcano on a one way trip to give it what for.
    Don’t let the buggers come back alive.

  3. Doesn’t the Earth know that there’s a select group of humans trying to preserve it for future generations, by attempting to stuff CO2 into it? But it just won’t cooperate– it keeps belching it back OUT!

  4. I read an article on the old site a few years back where they showed enormous amounts of liquid CO2 in the oceans released into the air (as a CO2 gas) from underwater volcanoes. This proves it. The book also mentions that many other elements (methane, nitrate, chloride…etc) increased dramatically in past times in sync with magnetic reversals.

  5. Luciano, Australias rabid anti carbon PM may stop in on her way home from the eu, to tell it off:-)
    and impose a TAX same as shes doing here.:-(

  6. All that volcanic ejecta must have been heating the surrounding water enough to cook out extra CO2. Ya think?

  7. Somebody call “Al.” El Hierro volcano is producing “deadly” CO2, and I don’t think it has the required “Carbon Credits.” LoL

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