As carbon dioxide increases it has less warming effect

As carbon dioxide increases it has less warming effect

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  1. It appears that C02 has exhausted whatever effect if any it has on global warming. So, plants alone will be positively affected in the future. That’s good.

  2. There is no evidence that Carbon Dioxide changes temperatures at all. Really! Trace gas Co2 is dwarfed in importance by other factors [sun, sea, space etc. etc.]. Click my “two points” name link above for a 3.5 min. video that will make you a believer [that Co2 does not drive temperature].

    And temps today are not at all out of the ordinary (no hockey stick!).

    How many points is that?

  3. Looks like a “Hockey Stick” that got kicked over!

    I hope the plants do well, but I fear the cooling trend will have adverse effects.

  4. aargh, sounds like a real kicker for the agwgreenhouse crowd,
    but, the link and the graph have naff all info anyone can go in depth with, wheres the rest of it I wonder?


    +2degC is an unattainable target even at 5000 ppmv we would not get there

    So these policy makers must be talking nonsense and chucking our money away

    see the above web reference particularly the summary at the end

  6. Co2 is a refrigerant! Think about it. It is dense (heavy) that means it has more heat absorption potential at sea level pressure. It heats and by thermodynamic convection rises. It is then blown by winds up to high altitude and in the low pressure gives up it’s heat to space it then sinks to the surface and heats back up and the process starts all over again.

  7. Every climate scientist has taken the logarithmic nature of carbon dioxide’s warming effect into account. Anyone who claims that, because the warming effect of CO2 is logarithmic and therefore it cannot make a difference, doesn’t understand climate science.

    Venus’ atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide and has an average temperature of over 800 degrees Fahrenheit, more than 450 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than Mercury, despite its high albedo and being further from the sun.

    • Comparing Venus to Earth?? Venus has an Atmospheric pressure 92 times that of Earth! Not only that, but it’s only 67 million miles to the sun, without any axial tilt or moon. It’s gravity is only 90% of Earth’s gravity. Many “educational” websites call it Earth’s twin, but the only similarity is it’s size! It even spins in the opposite direction to the other planets of the solar system.It’s surface temperature is due to it’s very slow spin, great atmospheric density, and numerous volcanic eruptions. The entire surface is covered with old and fresh lava flows.

  8. Venus!? They proved that Venus is warm because the crust is so think that no volcanic eruptions occur… it’s like a giant pressure cooker. No eruptions means no heat escapes. The show was “Venus Unveiled” PBS October 17, 1995.
    When they mapped all the craters on Venus they saw that there was no new lava flows. The surface was all the same age. It has nothing to do with greenhouse gases. If you heat up the planet from within and boil off all liquid you are going to have a thick atmosphere. That’s not why Venus is hot.

  9. This is what I hate about the whole theory of “Global Warming”. It all started with Venus and the greenhouse gas theory but the Magellan project killed that theory but people still bring up Venus.

  10. “The only respite from the heat on the planet is around 50 km into the atmosphere. At that point the temperature and atmospheric pressure are equal to Earth’s.”

    It has nothing to do with the atmospheric composition of Venus. It has everything to do with the atmospheric pressure – which also makes Death Valley much hotter than the adjacent mountains.

  11. If CO2 was 10 times higher and yet Earth was cooler, 450 million years ago, that says a lot. Medieval warming has been found to have been warmer than current times, in Europe, North America, China, Peru and South Pacific Islands. We were told that as CO2 increased, and it has been increasing, the oceans would rise, and they are dropping. The fact is that Earth is cooling and water is getting locked up as ice and snow on land. We had a strong solar magnetic output for about 100 years and that means less of the cosmic ray facilitated low level clouds that are so very solar reflective being formed, so Earth got warmer quite naturally. Now that cycle has ended as of about 1998, and the weakening solar magnetic output has consequences. Russian scientists say the solar magnetic cycle calls for many decades of cooling now. CO2, most especially the small amount generated directly by humanity is insignificant, and certainly doesn’t justify wasting valuable resources on fraud facilitated Leftist social engineering. If we COULD generate warming with a bit more CO2, this would actually be the time to go for it.

    • Leon, I realize now that the alarmists (bs artists) are, before long, going to drop Co2 as a cause of warming. And warming itself… won’t be an issue. Rising seas? No issue.

      But they are still going to call for drastic cuts in Co2 and other things, for some new reason. Cuz for them its always been about deindustrialization, about sending us back to the stone age, shuttering the factories, taking our cars, closing the Targets & Best Buys, and… the sewers (yes, and we’d use a compressed-leaf digger when taking care of business).

      In the meantime, we still have to FULLY debunk the gwarming bs. Then we have to go after the fraudsters with a vengeance, so they don’t rise again like some sort of deja vu zombie.

  12. Seems that CO2 is reacting like any other insulation. General rule, it takes 4 times the insulation to double the insulating ability.

  13. This is more nonsense from the libtards. Its another “hockey stick” graph from fiction posing as data. There is no actual evidence that CO2 has any warming effect at all.

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