Carbon taxes to cool earth by 1/20,000 of one degree – Video

That 1/20,000 of one degree would cost Australia 160 billion dollars. – Topher Field

If the Australian carbon tax had worked, says this video, the temperature change after 10 years would have been 1,000 times smaller than what we can measure.

The predicted global warming for the next decade is .17 of one degree. Just to stop that 0.17 of a degree rise, we would need to spend $77,000 for every man, woman or child on earth.

Say that again: It would cost $77,000 for every man, woman or child on earth. That works out to 80 percent of the entire planet’s GDP (gross domestic product).

Pretending we can stop climate change is a waste of time, money, and opportunity. And may actually be doing more harm than good.It’s 50 times more expensive to stop climate change than it is to adapt to it.

That’s the snake oil they’re selling us!

This is a problem that faces every carbon reduction scheme that has ever been invented.

Thanks to Viv Forbes for this video

12 thoughts on “Carbon taxes to cool earth by 1/20,000 of one degree – Video”

  1. Yes, but . . . reserves of oil and gas are finite . . . over time the demand for energy is infinite . . . ergo it is economically necessary to evolve to other energy sources and carriers before increasing demand collides with decreasing supply . . . BP – that’s British Petroleum, not Earth First – reports its estimate that known oil reserves and potentials will sustain current production to circa 2050, after which production will decline, slowly, in absolute terms.

    Whether the climate warms, or cools, or stays about the same as now, the future will need vastly more energy than finite sources of oil and gas can supply.

    Solar and wind won’t stop climate change, but they’ll keep the lights on as long as the sun shines and the wind blows.

    • oh for heavens sake!
      I remember being told the exact same LIES!!! when i was 14 back in 70’s
      i never owned a car lived frugally had no kids thanks to those evil minded holier than thou utter bastards like strong ehrlich and hansen
      what did it achieve?
      zip nada zilch but me going without
      while those mongrels and their mates profited hugely and lived lush lives and bred up.
      the latest shit is to go vegan dont have a pet and still be on a pushbike etc
      for what!
      be without a companion? risk your health? and get hot dirty and soaked and frozen to suit some pontificating zealots idea of what everyone ELSE should live like?
      thanks but no!
      been there done that and have the scars n poverty to prove it!!
      TOPHER ROCKS!!!!!

  2. Robert, wanted to leave a message, stymied! won’t go thru Internet explorer, Google Chrome leads me to twitter, which calls my email “already taken”! Thanks. Important book not listed in Not by Fire!

  3. Carbon taxes to enrich a few bloodsucking globalists at the expense of the many. I hope I live long enough to see these carbon commies fail and face criminal charges for crimes against humanity.

  4. Stopping producing evil CO2 wont change the temp even by 10^-30 deg! thats 30 zeroos below 0. there is NO GHG effect so it wont change nothing.

    AND this staement
    “Yes, but . . . reserves of oil and gas are finite . . . over time the demand for energy is infinite .”
    Go research ABIOTIC petroleum…gas and oil arent fossil fuels.
    The same hydrocarbons that make up gas and oil are on Saturns Moon Titan.

  5. Future energy rquirements can be met by improved nuclear energy. Wind and solar will remain expensive and inefficient, not to mention all the other undesirable aspects of their installations. For the environment: pant trees. J.D.Irving Company planted its one billionth tree July 27, 2018. the company’s forests will absorb 92 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the next 50 years and this is equivalent to removing 350 000 cars from our roads every year for the next 50 years. SO: plant trees, do not tax!

    • Planting trees is good. For me a good source of winter heat, wood chips for my garden, shade, clean air, beauty etc. I have 10 acres and 4 of those are woods. I planted 50 young trees last year to expand the woods. I still have plenty of area left for my personal food production. We are a one car family, we do many things by hand, I use my ceiling mounted ( use pulleys and blocks to raise and lower it) to dry all my clothes. I do this to save on energy costs and reduce my use of resources which are not local. For me local means my own property.

  6. Majorie//it is irelevant about trees absorbing CO2, theres NO greenhouse effect!.
    Also More CO2 means more plant growth, more food!

  7. I’m surprised that no one put a dollar figure to reduce the mere 1/2 degree warming that they claim was caused by humans. ——-
    That should cost us — 1,600 Trillion dollars —– How much is our National Debt again? $20 Trillion? —– Of course, a drop in temperature is dependent upon CO2 actually warming the planet in the first place. —- However, the Earth cooled over the past two years while their “Precious CO2” continued to climb. Obviously, CO2 can’t warm the planet as claimed.

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