Carolina Bays created by electrostatic discharge?

Electronics engineer says the Carolina Bays look exactly like ESD (electrostatic discharge) on the surface of semiconductor chips.

Carolina Bays on a semi conductor – Photo courtesy of Chris Reynolds

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  1. it s as valid a theory as any other like impacts
    I DO know the western Victorian Lunettes and there are many..are in areas where just under (avg is 2.6 to 3ft) a covering of sand(oddly with NO LIME or seashells in it) theres what locals call coffeerock or buckshot a layer approx 8 ins or so deep- then heavy iron rich red clays. some ochre yellow also- and both blend and start to form rocky lumps.
    it also why redgum trees thrive here.
    the buckshot pebbles are rounded look like theyre from a forge/furnace and are so iron rich they stick to a magnet dragged over the ground.

    and some higher hilltops round here are the regular vector for massive lightning strikes
    the trees on them are multiple scarred from hits

  2. Robert:
    I have been meaning to comment on the Bays, since I read Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps….
    1) No amount of radiation exposure would remove iron or other minerals from sand.
    2) I found a scholarly site which quite deftly explains the Bays– and expands them even to Colorado: .
    Their suggestion: that a large object crashed into what is now northeastern Lower Michigan during an Ice Age, some 800,000 years ago. Results: Saginaw Bay, a rain of tektites across southeastern Asia, and a rain of massive chunks of ice across North America.
    Thus, we have craters. Craters with no remnants of the impactors…
    And– the field is displaced westward of where one would think it should be, as the Earth rotated below the cloud of ice, before it descended….
    Simple. Even elegant.
    ‘Nuff said !

  3. Data charts show 2016 not the ‘warmest in a 1000 years’
    With an avalanche of articles coming out claiming 2016 as the warmest year ever as the planet cool in a damage control fashion. I present 20 data charts that prove this year is not the warmest ever and the warming experienced in 2016 El Nino is a natural cycle.

  4. Great, I knew T. bolts project would help back some of your theories. The meteorite theory just don’t make it because they would have all had to hit perfectly head on, all the ones we see on camera now are on a sideways or angled path. Seen dozens of meteors and only one I can say looked like it came straight down, but if I was on the equator or the north pole I think it would have had much angle. Check-” Mars the lightning scarred planet” . A giant grand canyon there with the low spot in the middle and it hasn’t been rinsed out with water yet.

    • I like to look at the lakes in Canada, two areas specially, Manouane-est and Riviere Aux Feui, they can’t be from erosion and impact doesn’t make much sense either. Would like to hear some opinion on those now concerning the EU. theory.

  5. It would seem to me that if such was the case that fulgurites would be extremely common in the same area. And personally I don’t know, maybe they are.

  6. The synthesis of this kind of information is increasingly necessary. A few shifts in interpretation can change one’s conception of the world greatly.

    It is supposed that civilization in only about six thousand years old but humans have existed for six million years and modern humans have existed for about 200,000 years. The implications are intriguing.

    The last ice age ended around 10,000 years ago and it has been estimated that there were only about 1-10 million people on Earth at that time. That number is small by modern standards but it is a very wide range which suggests we do not know very much about human habitation on Earth at the end of the last ice age.

    Assuming civilizations existed then and the world was not simply left to hunters chasing mastodons then these civilizations would have been small and few in number. Elevation change implies lower temperatures and the world was already 10 degrees colder then than it is now. The implication is that any relatively large concentrations of humans would have been at low elevations and likely coastal for coastal temperature variations are more stable. Also food would have been available in the form of fish from the ocean.

    But the sea level at the end of the ice age was 450 feet lower than it is today. Such civilizations would have been flooded out repeatedly over several thousand years as sea levels rose. Such civilizations would have been trapped effectively between rising water levels and temperature gradients at higher elevations suggesting that civilizations moved to higher elevations but did not move more than absolutely necessary.

    The consequence would be that archeological evidence of ice age civilizations and just after the ice age civilizations would have been obliterated by rising water. When the water stopped rising we would first find chronologically the outposts of escaping civilizations moving inland. Civilization would only appear to have begun 6000 years ago as there would be a threshold effect when the water stopped systematically rising.

    Sophisticated people may have been making written records of the alleged events in the Electric Universe theory at the time of their occurance.

    Civilization could be very much older than has been currently maintained and human legends of truly elder times may actually be the remains of recorded earlier events. Whether such records can be found is moot. Searches of the oceans near the coast of known ancient lands could discover archeological records that confirm further the electrical universe theory of Scott Talbott. Immanuel Velikovsky as Talbott argues may have been right after all and the evidence may yet exist to prove it.

    Still we will have to be lucky. These civilizations were small and the physical record has been submerged in most cases for several thousand years. But one can hope.

  7. Even with the best modern science has to offer us, there’s no consensus on what caused these ellipsoid bays in the Carolinas and DelMarVa peninsula. Yet we’re assured that adding an additional 1 molecule CO2 per 10,000 atmosphere molecules will be our utter destruction.

    I lose faith more and more every day in the superiority of today’s science “experts”.

  8. “R. Kaczorowski (1977). The Carolina Bays and their relationship to modern oriented lakes, University of South Carolina.
    2. Relevant. Comments: A very interesting thesis that explores similarities between oriented lakes in Alaska, Texas, Chile and mostly the eastern US coastal plain. Contains not only wind data for all four that shows all lakes are oriented perpendicular to wind, but also shows water current measurements for each. He also constructed a physical lab model (real water, sand and wind) which shows that nearly any shaped shallow lake will eventually become oriented perpendicular to the prevailing wind, and presents theory that supports the model outcomes. He discusses the common features of these lakes: unconsolidated sediments, oriented with long axis perp. to wind, a ponding mechanism (eg., permafrost), and shallow water. He determines the requirements to produce a shallow lake are: adequate precipitation along with a ponding mechanism, development in unconsolidated sediments, a wind regime that is either unidirectional or opposing bi- directional, and a land surface with a gentle slope.”

  9. I understand from an electric universe viewpoint, that heavenly bodies “fight” terrific battles among themselves as regards electric currents and voltages, even scarring the surface of planets when passing in the vicinity.
    If one looks at the Moon craters, they often exhibit debris accumulations in their center, which might actually be the result of huge lighting impacts, rather than mere asteroid/meteor impacts, the “Gods” battling among themselves in Greek mythology e.g. !
    When people mention Niburu, a rogue heavenly body supposedly traversing our solar system once ever so many thousands of years, it apparently also creates tremendous electric discharges in its path with ensuing havoc on planetary sufaces.
    According to “insiders” this Nemesis body will make its reappearance at some time in 2017, to be observed as a dusty red body, accompanied by clouds of dust and debris, also crossing Earth’s trajectory in due course, thereby causing hell and misery on Earth and triggering huge, disastrous CME’s from the Sun among others. Disastrous meaning disarray/disharmony among the stars, from an ancient astrological, astronomical expression, namely dis-astra.
    I’m not looking particularly forward to next year’s events, including a forecast global financial meltdown and major earthquake activity among others, as viewed by professional “remote viewers” for the coming period !

  10. They are just potholes left from ice lenses that were formed during the last ice age. When the climate warmed up the ice melted and a depression formed. The overburden was likely eroded by wind before the big melt. The arctic has large numbers of these circular ponds and also mounds over ice lenses. If you want to know where the ice age tundra and permafrost will be just look for the Carolina bays.
    The most simple explanation that is in harmony with real life examples is usually the most accurate. Keep it simple.

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