A case of willful ignorance

It’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle.

A case of willful ignorance

By Ray Kraft

The world has seen about 500 cycles of global warming and global cooling over the last 50,000,000 years at intervals of approximately 100,000 years (see link below).

Geologists and paleoclimatologists have known this for a long time. Apparently most of the media types and politicians in America don’t, probably a case of willful ignorance, since the information is open and public.



4 thoughts on “A case of willful ignorance”

  1. If you absolutely must be worried about atmospheric gases you should consider oxygen.

    Have you seen how it fuels even a small fire into an uncontrollable conflagration when even a slight breeze blows ?

    And then how it intensifies the effect by the updraft from the oxygen fed fire bringing even more in.

    Hell, you can’t even just leave most things lying around without it destroying them such as metals “rusting”.

    We need to reduce the oxygen in the atmosphere to control its destructive potential.

    • Great comment there Rosco and yes, that pesky oxygen also allows life to spread all over this world of ours and has allowed human beings to create some seven thousand millions of them. Lack of oxygen would also kill all politicians and all do-goodie greenie idiots. Tough luck that you and I will also be knocked off, but hey, that would happen in any case. Roll on the Aliens to re-populate this magnficent planet with humans who can think for themselves …. oops, I’m dreaming again!

    • Good point Rosco, Oxygen is next on the list, along with H2O !

      I mean, who really needs Air & Water ???

      Except for the Trees that is (Former University of California Alumni)

      Go Bears

  2. I was instructing some new hires one afternoon. The lesson for the day was a Nox analyzer, that calculated the No2 and No introduced into the system from ambient.
    When covering the data on molybedium convertor which created O3 to scrub No2 to No for one of the channels I asked the students what they knew about ozone?
    The first response I received was, “that is the sweet smell your nose picks up when O3 is present in your vicinity”.
    Actually, that is flesh from your nasal cavities burning as you are introducing the gas into the vital organs of your body.

    A lot of states ban the types of air purification which introduce O3 into your house or place of business due to the health risks.
    Manufactures did not care of the risks and advertised it as the sweet smell of air after a cleaning rain effect.
    Submarines have these systems and also have an O3 scrubber before being allowed for human consumption.

    Wonder what method these scientist are basing the evidence of millions and millions of years of cycles? Tis’ a many days to be looking back eh.

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