The Cassandra Sanction – A fantastic novel

If you liked Michael Crichton’s book State of Fear and the way he exposed the global warming hoax, you’re going to love this book.  

The Cassandra Sanction


The Cassandra Sanction

The People You Trust Are Lying To You
By Scott Mariani

To be honest, I don’t usually read much fiction, but this new book by Scott Mariani (Jan 2016) grabbed me from the very first sentence. Perhaps that’s because, as the publisher puts it, “it takes a controversial stand on the subject of climate change” … a controversial stand that I applaud.

And when Mariani’s heroine, an astronomer, says we’re now headed into an ice age, well, I’m doubly hooked.

Scott Mariani is a Sunday Times (U.K.) bestselling author of an action-thriller series starring Ben Hope, a whiskey-drinking – ahem –  “Crisis Response Consultant.” The series has garnered one million in sales in the UK alone.

Mariani’s novels have been described as ‘James Bond meets Jason Bourne with a historical twist’.

What makes this book so compelling for me is that in addition to his captivating writing abilities, Mariani is also a keen astronomer with his own personal observatory. He carried out a massive amount of research to write the book, insuring that it’s scientifically accurate.

Not a science book

But don’t worry. This is in not a science book. It’s filled with exciting action from cover to cover, the sort of action that deserves to be made into a blockbuster movie.

The story begins with Ben Hope enjoying – or trying to enjoy – a quiet drink in a peaceful Spanish bar. What he gets instead is trouble, the kind of trouble that involves an unfair fight between him, his new-found Spanish friend, and eight inebriated men. Unfair, because Ben and the man he takes under his wing, Raul Fuentes, leave the bullies writhing and flopping on the floor. (Ben enjoys hurting bad guys.)

Then the real action, involving a fraudulent conspiracy to dupe all of humankind, begins.

I don’t want to tell you too much more, other than to say that the book concludes with a very satisfying ending.

Timothy Olyphant as Ben

I’d love to see The Cassandra Sanction made into a movie. Mariani envisions Timothy Olyphant as Ben, and perhaps Catherine Zeta Jones as the gorgeous astronomer. (Oliphant starred as Raylan Givens in one of my favorite TV series, “Justified,” and I can easily see him playing the part.)

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When you’re ready to purchase, please return to Amazon via this page. They’ll give me a small commission, and it won’t cost you a penny extra. This will help fund my crusade to warn people of  the impending ice age.   – Thanks, Robert

20 thoughts on “The Cassandra Sanction – A fantastic novel”

  1. I doubt very much if the Hollywood watermelons would make a movie like that, at least, before the Ice Age really does start.

    • Agree. There is no more chance of The Cassandra Sanction being made into a movie by Hollywood than State of Fear. Most of Crichton’s other well-researched books were made into good movies, but no one on the Left Coast would ever dare to make a movie out of State of Fear, which didn’t fit into their fantasy world. Or if they did make a movie of it, they would change it around 180 degrees so it’s all about a Vast Rightwing Conspiracy of deniers, like the remake of the Manchurian Candidate — which naturally couldn’t show Communists as the bad guys, since the bad guys in movies today are always conservatives, and Communists are all nice people like Bernie.

    • Yes. The Hollywood community, which I lovingly refer to as “The Hollyweirdos”, would not only not make such films, they would go out of their ways to blacklist anyone attempting such a feat. And forget the “independent” film community– they have become corporately owned by “Big Studio”– one might say that they are now Hollywood’s propaganda wing. Witness the banning of the film “Vaxxed” from the Tribeca film festival. “Independent”? Hardly.

  2. I’m so pleased to see Ice Age Now post such a great review of this book, which I’d mentioned on another thread. Aside from the fact that it’s a great thriller in its own right, it’s also a really important book for everyone to read. I think the author is much better known in the UK than the US.

    • Forgot to mention that I told some of my warmist ‘friends’ about this book. Their response: ‘books like that ought to be banned’. So much for free speech!

  3. Check out the book “The H AB Theory”,

    The HAB Theory is a 1976 science fiction novel by American author Allan W. Eckert. The novel is from the apocalyptic fiction subgenre. Eckert believed that the real-world facts and conclusions he quoted in the novel, were worthy of further exploration. One such conclusion was that hyper-specialization in the physical sciences was a big problem and that more interactions between hyper-specialists was overdue. He wove facts and concepts into the novel form, then his 17th book, to get more minds considering them. The book explores a version of pole shift hypothesis postulated by Professor Charles Hapgood in two volumes, plus the 1967 book Cataclysms of the Earth by Hugh Auchincloss Brown.

    • I’ve read both books and can highly recommend them. I am going to look for the book by Hugh Auchincloss Brown as I’ve always wanted to read it and never found a copy. Thanks for mentioning him or I might have forgot.

    • I have both “The HAB Theory” – Allan W. Eckert(1977) and “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings”- Charles H. Hapgood( 1979) in my private library, also “The Changing Climate” – H.H. Lamb (1968). All recommended.

      • Another relevant science fiction novel is “Ice!” – Arnold Federbush (1978). Took me a while to locate it. It was written at a time when an approaching new ice age was still speculated on in newsmedia.

  4. I have read it, and it is a good page turner for sure!
    I was sat on a hot beach in Thailand reading it and trying to imagine the oncoming ice age. Not easy.
    Highly recommended book.

  5. The legend behind Cassandra was that she was a Trojan priestess and a POW. She was both blessed with the power of prophesy and cursed by being disbelieved by those who heard her predictions.

  6. “Tata Steel to sell off entire British business” (Guardian, 30 March). Tata blames cheap imports of Chinese steel, HIGH ENERGY COSTS (my upper case) and weak demand for threatening the future of its UK steelmaking. 15 000 Jobs at risk in Port Talbot and elsewhere. Late last year the Redcar steel plant, owned by a Thai company, SSI, closed with the loss of 1700 jobs.
    Collieries in the UK also closed last year. Victims of government anti-coal policy in favor of renewable energy to prevent hypothetical AGW.

  7. Being cynical, I’ll accept the theory about ‘global warming’ in the book, but there could, just possibly, be another explanation. Suppose our governments are nicer than we think they are; suppose they have known for decades about a coming ice age — large or small; suppose they have been creating all this greenery nonsense in order to save the fossil fuels in the ground for as long as possible to enable humankind to exist for as long as possible; suppose when the windmills finally stop turning and the sun is not hot enough to heat up those solar panels TPTB finally say, ‘well we DO have all that coal and oil which you didn’t want us to use, so if you agree (and the population certainly will at that stage), we could use them now to keep us all warm.

    What do you think — too fantastical???

    • Hi Catherine, I just checked and the Amazon link is indeed there. Perhaps you have blocked any sort of ads? ?
      Anyway, regardless, here’s the link: If this does not work for you please let me know and we’ll try something else.

  8. Loved the audio book. It had an interesting twist. Instead of the “evil” corporations being polluters, they were pushing global warming for profit and power. I think the future scenarios laid out in chapters 45 & 60 are reasonably plausible.

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