The cat is out of the bag – Al Gore’s latest film BOMBS

Gore’s movie sequel goes bust. Fans allege sabotage, but Americans may be smarter than he thought.

‘This was not supposed to happen’: Gore’s sequel comes in dismal 15th in weekend ratings at the box office. Investors are screaming at the studio for not doing more to promote it.

“Fact is the cats out of the bag,” says Centurion. “Every prediction Gore has made has been wrong and the science is also catching up with him. The lies are being openly discussed and the fabrications are being noted often enough by sound scientific authorities that the Climate Change argument is loosing steam.

“The real problem>>> few people are ready for the cold. That is what is scary.”

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 An overweight resource-abusing blowhard

“The goracle and many other ex pollies etc all have the same motto,” says Laurel. “NEVER let the Truth get in the way of a good story AND a way to make more money!”

“Actually explains why the Pope is so willing to agree also. They gotta find a way to raise even more money from the poor to pay for their errant “brothers” who couldn’t keep themselves TO hemselves.

And hey, fears always worked so well for so many religions,
goracle is just using the same system himself. His imagination sees him as the planet’s crusader/saviour of mankind, while everyone else sees him now, and increasingly, as an overweight resource-abusing blowhard and an annoying git who doesn’t know when to stuff and leave whiles he’s ahead.”


13 thoughts on “The cat is out of the bag – Al Gore’s latest film BOMBS

  1. Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score of 47% proves the sheeple are waking up. And that’s 47% of the people who could stomach watching this fable in the first place.

    • Ed Wood’s “Plan 9 From Outer Space,” considered by some critics to be the worst movie ever made, got a Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score of 45%. Plan 9 falls into the so “bad it’s good” category, and it’s unintentionally funny. Maybe some day Gore’s films will be still be watched because they’re considered unintentionally funny, too.

        • “So bad it’s good. ” Ed Wood’s films are all, without exception, unintentionally funny. Ed Wood has been described as an anti-genius, he was like the kid who could get a 0 score on a multiple choice test, when pure chance would dictate you’d have to get at least 25% . Gore may wind up being the same way to future generations.
          Gore is so out of touch, he probably thinks Shemp was better than Curly.

  2. It’s probably unfair to the majority of RC priests to blame them for the Pope’s inaction on the criminal sexual behaviour of the few.
    Like it or not, the RC Church establishment united Europe in the early days and helped everyone to pull together as one more or less contiguous society and gave us a jury of 12 neutral citizens to hear out our disputes.
    I personally see the RC church as being out-of-date and failing its followers but the matter is not a black and white polarity of opposites. The Pope might do well to preach about stewardship of the Earth but leave the detail to scientists or he will find himself going down with a catastrophically collapsing global fraud.

  3. The sheeple are waking up because a mini ice age is starting,
    otherwise the AGW scam would have carried on.
    Reality bites.

    • A Mini Ice Age would be Climate Change; Man is responsible for Climate Change; Therefore Man is responsible for the Mini Ice Age. Had enough taxes been paid to the IPCC we would have no Climate Change, therefore not Mini Ice Age. Paying Taxes to the IPCC is the same as the Ancients appeasing the Gods by sacrificing virgins. Both a real waste and destroyed something that could have been put to better use.

  4. To be fair, it was limited release, and it is hard to compare a film in 180 theaters with one with 3000.

    On the other hand though, the film produced about half as much in the same period as the last film and was in twice as many theaters as the last film at this point- so yeah, while by documentary standards, this film is doing OK, it is not getting the same audience that the last one had.

  5. It’s so bad… Someone may just turn that film into an impromptu drinking game!

    No, I take that back, alcohol poisoning calls to 999/911 may increase exponentially… 😉

  6. They should have put this out the weekend before Halloween so more of the world would have understood that it is a joke meant to scare people not unlike those fake horror movies they put out that are so out of touch with reality. Just like his movie. It might have performed better, but not for it’s intended purpose. Still waiting for that completely liquid arctic ocean by summer you promised years back, Al. Anyone else who has made such failed promises/predictions have been coined the term “fool” so why should Al be any different?

  7. Never before in the history of human endeavor has so much B.S. been uttered by so few. The question is, ” why do we listen”? It was complete bollocks to me when I saw the first movie and then and academy award and a Nobel prize later it was still complete bollocks and yet the news media insist it’s getting warmer, despite the evidence to the contrary, all so that the billionaires club can say bye bye to the countless millions that will either starve or freeze to death when the sun switches for an extended nap. Gore had most of us thinking that all that we would need for a long time to come was an Hawaiian shirt and a bottle of Ambre Solaire. In that respect we can view Al Gore, et al, as attempted mass murderers. Invest in a snow shoes and fur coats (fake of course) and stash some long life food in your cellar ‘cos trust me, you will be needing it. On the bright side we will have more white Christmases’ to look forward to.

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