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Please send me______copies of Basic Preparedness (ISBN 0-9642342-0-3)

  • 49.00 $46.00 to US addresses
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    . . . . . . $54.00 to Australia, NZ, the UK, and most other countries

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As long as you order them all at the same time, it makes no difference how many copies you order – shipping is only $3.95 for the entire order. So if you think you’ll be wanting more than one copy, this would be a good time to go ahead and order them.

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Energy bills to soar by more than $436 a year because of obsession with wind power, report claims

“The Government’s green energy plans for the next eight years are a £124 billion ‘blunder’ that will hit every UK household,” says this article in the Daily Mail.

“Britain’s ‘obsession’ with wind farms will push up family electricity bills by more than $436 (£300) a year, a report claimed today.

“In a stark warning Professor Gordon Hughes said that British consumers simply cannot afford to subsidise wind power.

“Electricity prices for average home will go up 58% by 2020 because of turbines.”

Full Story: power-report-claims.html

Thanks to Aubrey Smyth for this link