CBS admits that 75% of viewers approved of State of the Union speech

“Three in four Americans who tuned in to President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight approved of the speech he gave,” CBS admits.

And a full 80% of viewers felt “the president was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it.”

It must have pained CBS to say that.

11 thoughts on “CBS admits that 75% of viewers approved of State of the Union speech”

  1. ““Three in four Americans who tuned in to President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight approved of the speech he gave,” CBS admits.”

    Well, yes, of course they do.

    Any time president Trump (Or pretty much any conservative who is sufficiently informed and reasonably articulate) gets to deliver their thoughts directly to the public, eliminating the heavy filters and subjective twisting that Big Media does, they come out a clear winner with the majority of that public.

    Which is why so many talking heads in Big Media today have descended into what can only be called a full-scale psychosis, doubling down on whatever fantastic beliefs they feel they need to in order to create a “safe space” of synthetic reality in which they can ensconce themselves, never having their synthetic reality challenged in a serious way.

  2. When I say, and heard, that story about that Police Officer and his Wife, who adopted that little baby.?……..I cried like a baby………..

  3. Oh god, that must have been agonising to actually agree to say that. Realist makes a valid point that while the cancer of centre-leftism has spread through once decent parties like Republicans, UK Conservatives, Australian Liberals, and infected most of the mainstream media, most people are conservative at heart.

  4. Well,Well- getting pretty close to that 85-90 % that some of us were saying for some time now. Same lyin L Y I N! AGW freaks on MS13NBC global warming liars now support gangs over American families.

  5. Most people like me who wouldn’t have liked the speech didn’t watch it and didn’t bother to learn much about it either. I’ve shut down that interface because the signal to noise ratio is way too low.

    • Which is indicative of the left throwing their toys out of the pram, closing thier ears and only talking to fellow travellers.
      They ignore the other 80% of the electorate which either disagree with them, or cant be bothered as nothing changes or the better.

  6. In as much as President Trump’s State of the Union address was a success is down to his ability to cut through the waffle and lay out his vision of where America should be going, and his intended method of getting there. As shown by the poll most people appreciate his clarity of vision and unaffected straight talking.

    We have come a long way since the days of the fireside chat evening radio addresses given by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Today it’s about speed and fast response, about Twitter and messaging straight to the electorate, not necessarily in comforting tones, but in short messages that cut straight to the meat of the topic. In this President Trump is a master of the art of texting; often able to simultaneously antagonizing his opponents, while plainly speaking to his supporters with his views and his intentions.

    Trump thus far has proved himself good for America and good for the world.

  7. Maybe Americans should look at how their country could have looked by contrasting how the US is now, to how currently Australia is doing.

    “…the death of Australian manufacturing. Invest downunder! Get high taxes, high labor costs, expensive unreliable energy, and a tiny market. We’ve got lots of land and resources, but a Titanium Shield of Red Tape, no free speech, barely any real media, and government funded anti-business activists. ”

    Yes, Australia, like America, is a vast country full of riches, resources, and an educated population. However successive Socialist and Green governments have borrowed, taxed, and spent increasing amounts of this generation’s, and the next generation’s, wealth. They started by massively expanding the government, ensuring it could interfere in the smallest aspect of every citizen’s life, and every company’s basic operation.

    They did this while massively funding ‘green’ schemes in electricity generation and anti-coal actions (blowing-up upgradeable coal generating plants), paying huge subsidies to government favored cronies for providing intermittent electricity via unreliable ‘renewables’ at the same cost or more, often at elevated costs over reliable, fossil fueled, electricity generation.

    They’ve also imposed harsh and needless green laws and ‘sustainability’ restrictions on most industries, and atop all that is the never-ending rounds of socialist schemes in taxing companies and wealthy individuals to the maximum.

    All this done while state run TV and radio relentlessly churn out the government ‘good news’, and climate/industry/environmental ‘bad’ news.

    This has ensured that ordinary Australian don’t just feel the decline in living standards, they know that it is real but feel powerless to prevent it.

    see more at —

    Think yourselves lucky America, with the Democrats you too could have had a Green-Socialist paradise like Australia.

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