Central England – Coldest June 28th on record

Coldest in AT LEAST 130 years. Colder than Christmas.

“The mean maximum temperature of just 14.5°C was -4.24°C below the long-term average,” says xmetman.com. “The cold day across the country, particularly in the wet east, is what prompted me to write this Colder than Christmas! article yesterday.”

Coldest June 28th on record

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  1. Aus media? not a word
    they sure raved up the few warmish 30c days like it was the end of the world though

  2. Not sure what average is being taken but it’s a good point.

    The average max temperature for Leeds (since records began i.e. since 1908) is 18.5 C on 28th June. That’s the weather station near to me and I have the data to do nerdy things things with it.

    There are many records for “typical weather” for the British Isles known as weather “singularities” which I summarised for my own use – with probabilities, temps and rainfall. Why weather forecasters don’t just publish something like this and be done with it is beyond me. Most weather therefore comes as no surprise- although it’s a great question to ask as to why is it that way.

    Interestingly – the overall weather hasn’t changed that much in 300 years.

  3. No I beg to differ; it was much colder than that North of Birmingham.
    2nd point during SC20 June 66 my father’s side garden has one of the finest rows of Broad Bean 20″ high in full flower he had ever grown; overnight we had a -6C Air frost. The entire row was lying flat on the floor with the stems burst – no broad beans that year..
    And that is what causes famine, unpredictable Air frosts in the middle of growing seasons, two weeks before Mid-Summer, with no time to plant again.
    The UK is at the same latitude as Labrador, they have permafrost, Polar Bears, and not a green, snowflake, metropolitan, elitist socialist, AGW fraudster in sight.

  4. I agree in 76 we had weeks of temperatures at 30c + at midday and 25c at 3 am the following morning.
    This year is nothing like 76 we has a cold wetish May, a cool June until the third week, and in between we have had regular rain periods of a few days and more settled weather at weekends- a brilliant summer to date in my view.
    During the Solar Warm Period summer was usually two hot days while we were all at work and a rained out weekend. Thunder storms used to turn up at the end of the Summer usual from the South over Birmingham, Not any more thunderstorms can appear from any direction and from Spring to Autumn.
    That’s weather – suck it and see. Climate is on Ice Age time scales.

    The trouble is our AGW alarmists confuse CO2 levels with the energy captured from the Sun, and don’t accept that our Sun is a variable star, and currently the energy tap is being turned to very low.

    • And the good ole BBC is STILL bleating on about the ‘hottest June on Record’. People who pay for a TV licence need their heads examined. BBC = British BullS**T Corporation.

      • One hotest June day SINCE June 1976, one warm day in Summer dosen’t make a Heat wave of 6 weeks, and that Flaming 76 June covered the whole Country and not just the South East

        Before too long the UK MSM and the BBC will start rowing backwards from IPCC Climate Change and AGW.
        When they do I want the entire BBC environmental editorial team sacked and given their P45s for promoting Fraud in a Government Office Post.
        Staff member of the BBC are still Civil Servents at arms length from the Government, and the licence fee is still a tax.

  5. In my 66 years I can remember a July day where the maximum temperature didn’t get above 10C and another where the maximum peaked at almost 31C – both at the same location in Ireland. Over hundreds of years the difference will be even more marked.

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