Central New York snowfall record shattered

The beginning of a trend?
Sunday’s 6.6 inches of snowfall sets a new record for the snowiest April 3 ever in Syracuse, New York, more than doubling the previous record of 2.5 inches set in 1937.

Sunday also ranks as the fourth-snowiest day on record for the entire month of April in Syracuse. The most was 10.5 inches, on April 2, 2013.

The beginning of a trend?

So, the snowiest April day on record occurred just three years ago, and now comes the 4th snowiest April day on record. Are we seeing the beginning of a trend here?


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  1. I certainly think so. Plus with extreme cold on the way beginning around 2018 and beyond spells trouble with the ice age cycle.

  2. And where is the best place on the net to find high and low temperature records set? I know I used to see that quite often on this site. I know there were record cold temps set in NY state, and probably elsewhere.

  3. The problem with so called records since 1939, for both warm and cool is that they are but a blink of the eye in the time span of the current Interglacial.
    The climate community is deluding itself with this hubris that this is the best, or warmest, or coldest, or rainiest, or snowiest event to date since some fixed event 40 years ago, just because its been digitalised by some academic who has been paid with grant money to put his name on it.
    The summer weather was far warmer and drier in the Central US during the 1930s than now hence the term Dustbowl.
    The winter weather during the complete Dalton Grand Minimum was far worse in cold, rain, wind, and snow terms than now. However, wait till the end of this solar cycle and all the ways thought next cycle, it will be far worse than Dalton and far deeper.
    Get over it.
    This electronic storage held by “trusted” Government agencies has then allowed some other biased political academic to falsify the evidence and destroy the original data sets to prove the unsupportable, and facilitate this new way of legally stealing money from working people’s pay packets by Governments deep in debt, by the new version of the window tax, called environmental double taxation without representation, or Carbon Credits.
    Carbon taxes have simply exported the UK’s carbon based manufacturing industry to India and China. If you can’t make Steel from raw materials, and not just recycle scrap, you can’t defend your own borders.
    People avoided the window tax by bricking up excess windows, we can’t do much to avoid exhaling CO2, without which current life on this plannet can’t exist.

  4. Heavy Snow Left 300 Vehicles Stranded on Road in Xinjiang
    A few road sections on the No. 314 national road in Aktao County were covered by 50-centimeter-thick snow.
    Meanwhile, a strong hailstorm hit Yuqing County of southwest China’s Guizhou Province on Saturday evening, lasting for around one hour and causing great damage. That’s the worst hailstorm since 1959 in the region.

  5. Not only that, there were at least flurries in New York City, if not more, which has the temperature moderating effect of the ocean right there. That can’t be common in April. At all. No matter what they say.

  6. Not only that, they must be getting really desperate, since I’ve seen a scientist claim that if the miniscule parts per million of carbon added each year (something that’s a natural part of HUMAN respiration anyway!!!) this tiny amount of additional anthropogenic carbon will somehow make it impossible for people to breathe. No joke. It should be illegal to scare scientifically illiterate people like this.

  7. My thoughts have always been, when the Hudson river glacier is knocking down the buildings of New York, will they still be talking about Global Warming?
    Where did I get the idea, maybe from the front cover of your book, Not by Fire, by by Ice.

  8. While it is impossible to use the cooked and over “adjusted” temperature data to reach a conclusion, snow is rather hard to “fudge”. In California, we are simultaneously in a “record drought” and being told that we need to cope with “Flood Warnings” and have absolutely normal rainfall!

    So it’s pretty clear that the “official numbers” are officially cooked. And the “facts on the ground”, or is that “snow on the ground”?, are what matters.

  9. “Are we seeing the beginning of a trend here?” Well, the Great Lakes and eastern half of North America saw the ice sheets furthest south, out of anywhere in the northern hemisphere. So I wouldn’t be surprised that these areas are breaking snow records (including New York), if we are indeed headed into the next major glacial period. If we are, then expect more snow records in the near future in the areas where the ice sheets once stood. That’s my theory at least, based on Robert’s general overall ideas.

  10. the way the suns flatlining id say quite a few more records will be upset to the COLD side:-)
    meanwhile that same quiet sun is why the large force quakes have been prolific this last 2 weeks
    another big 6.9 vanuatu today

  11. It doesn’t make sense to me why the “records broke” are always based on a particular day. Would make more sense to me if it was something like the highest and lowest temps in each month. A lot of day to day fluctuation this time of year, so how meaningful could a day high and low really be?

    • Gotta compete with the MSM.
      They will idolize record highs for a day at any certain place, however a record low or snow will receive a short blurp if even that?(is blurp even a word hehe)
      Soooo, we must try to balance the non-reporting somewhat.

  12. Used to we had 3 months of “Winter”: December, January, February…now it’s extending on either side, taking in November & March.

    Watch for that, people.

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