Once-in-a-century blizzard in Moscow

“Record Blizzard Hits Central Russia,” says headline. “Moscow Under Snow Siege.”

Authorities in the Moscow region report large traffic jams, stranded airport passengers, electricity outages, and dozens of fallen trees. Meteorologists warn this is only the beginning.

According to Moscow authorities, record snowfalls such as the current blizzard occur once in a century.

The heavy snow continues unabated, with meteorologists forecasting that the record blizzard will continue Sunday and Monday.



Thanks to Bill Sellers and Alexey Parkhomenko for these links

“We have had two waves of persistent many-hour snowfall in recent five days,” says Alexey. “It is interesting that this winter in central Russia resembles winters in the Kuril islands with almost no snow on the New Year day and then rapid accumulation of it due to cyclonic activity. But such cyclones are not a sign of “warming”, in fact they may produce growing of ice fields in Scandinavia and then in other regions of Europe. “

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  1. Yes, reminds me of the ¨snow blitz theory¨. More snow falls during the winter, than can melt away in the summer, of course at first in the northern latitudes and the elevated places. Of course, the albedo effect plays a part in this.

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