Champagne flows as enviros demand lower living standards – Video

Champagne flows as enviros demand lower living standards – Video

Forget global warming. “Sustainability” is their new buzzword.  Sustaining who?
To me, this all comes down to dictatorship. They think they have the right to dictate how we live our lives … and skim a few billion dollars off the top along the way.

The International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is calling for economic “contraction” in America and the rest of the developed world. Their “World Congress” conference in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, however, is a lavish affair replete with rich food, champagne and opulence. The blatant hypocrisy is stunning.

“Sustainability” is their new buzzword.  Sustaining who?

“The self proclaimed environmental élite never intended to or even pretended to live the austere lives that they dictate upon the masses,” says one comment beneath this YouTube video.

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    • Hi Bob, when the new iceage, mini or not, strikes, we may all end up living like that. The good new is that environmentalists who are enjoying the good life at the moment will probably taste nicer than those of us who aren’t.


    • we tried feeding kids to dingos in aus..the parents tend to get upset as they are jailed:-)
      and I am sure some greentard PETAfreak will ban it anyway as being harmful for the wolves/dingos anyway.
      as for the ICLEI mob, no one should be in the least surprised to see them spending OUR money on the good life , while telling us to go without.
      it’s de rigeur for ALL the Climate Conmen and their many hangers on.
      prior examples By Strong/ Hansen/ Gore /the blueavatar moviemaker:-) , ehrlich/pachauri, and the rest of them
      they’ve never had so much money to waste on spurious research and overseas jaunts.
      all you have to do is use the Climate word and write a few thou words, peers pass it with NO real examination, your’e then in like Flynn for the Gravytrain for life.
      Tar! Feathers!@ Crossroads!

  1. Okay environmentalists it is time for you all to lead by example! You can start by giving away all that you own and wear a burlap bag and sit in ashes with your begging bowls begging for a few coins and you all can live in mud and wicker huts and eat rice and rat meat. Its that or quit bitching about and standing in the way of those who want something better.

  2. The ones behind the “sustainable lifestyle” don´t give a sh*t about Earth, animals or humans, never did, never will. Those humanhating psychopaths will meet their beloved Cain and their false god in a very hot place!

  3. Charlatans and hypocrites does not even begin to describe these enemies of all that is true and good.Vladimir Soloviev rightly prophesied about them when nearly 100 years ago he said that when the antichrist would come his followers would call themselves environmentalists. All those wards of the state who think that they are entitled to everything willing swallow all their lies.

  4. They all know that there is a cold period comming together with massive food shortages on this planet…that’s why!!

  5. I tell you what we do. First, let’s round up all the enviro’s, given them some stone tools and a week’s worth of beef jerky and dump them in the middle of a large wilderness area. They should thrive there, right?

    • No way D. M. Mitchell.
      Don’t give them stone tools or jerky.
      Don’t give them a damned thing. Their community should include banksters, realtors, freemasons,satanists, lawyers,environmentalists, neocons ,zionists, perverts ,sex criminals and politicians. All of them and they should be kept isolated from external help and technology. As for location an isolated island would be ideal. Perhaps something in the aluetian island chain would be suitable or if one clears out the island of hawaii it could be used as a isolation colony. Just two rules.
      1. no external help.
      2. no escape.

  6. Very sad today. SCOTUS up held Obama care. I am not opposed to the sentiment of insuring everyone. I am opposed to the notion that govt can reach into to your life and force you to purchase a product you may or may not want.
    Even if we repeal it, the precedent has been set. Now the US govt can punitively tax an individual unless they behave a certain way and buy certain things. Sad day for the US. Sad day for freedom.

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