Chaos in Czech Republic – Heavy snowfall and blackouts

About 30,000 homes without power amid “relentless” snow.

Up to 20cm (8 inches) of fresh snow was reported in some locations, closing highways and disrupting flights into and out of Vaclav Havel, Prague’s international airport.

The storm pulled down numerous trees, closing roads and train lines. The city of Kladno, just to the west of Prague, declared a state of emergency, according to Czech television.

The snowstorm also affected neighboring Germany, where the World Cup skiing race and a giant slalom at Garmisch-Partenkirchen were called off amid relentless snow. A downhill race was cancelled for the same reason.

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4 thoughts on “Chaos in Czech Republic – Heavy snowfall and blackouts”

  1. 20cm is nothing, it is not relentless snow. It is steady snow for 8hrs.

    The big snow at the weekend was in Osttirol and in the Italian Dolomites, where well over a metre of snow fell and several communities in Osttirol were cut off for two days.

  2. Greetings from the Czech Republic: It wasn’t such a chaos, but the heavy snowfall came down in the low lands and that made those crater dwellers surprised.

    We have a very popular song about it: “They have 3 cm of snow in Prague the country is in state of emergency!!!”

  3. 20cm thats norhing more than a dusting.
    No way that little amount of snow could topple trees and cut people off.
    We get way heavier falls of snow than that and unless we get 50cm or more in a night would not even consider it heavy snow.
    20 cm we just go about our business as usual.

    News trying to over dramatise things as usual.

  4. thinking the same
    not so deep and calling of ski/slalom?
    more snowflakes in the humans than on the ground???

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