Chemtrails, cloud-seeding and weather warfare (Part III)

“What worries this climatologist is the ‘chaff pollution’ that this high-altitude spraying has produced during the past several years.”

Chemtrails, cloud-seeding and weather warfare (Part III)

By Climatologist Cliff Harris

I have been writing articles for various newspapers and newsletters for more than 40 years on the subject of ‘WEATHER WARFARE,’ environmental modification (EnMod) weaponry programs.

My first article concerned ‘Agent Orange’ and ‘Project Popeye’ during the Vietnam War. These military operations, carried out by helicopters and U.S. Air Force jets, were intended to extend the annual monsoon season over the ‘Ho Chi Minn Trail’ turning it into a muddy mess. But, the Vietnamese soldiers were used to swampy roads. It had little effect on them, but our soldiers were “bogged down in the quadmires” caused by repeated cloud-seeding with silver iodide crystals.

Our use of Agent Orange was partially successful in defoliating the Trail, but these harmful chemicals left behind toxic materials (dioxins) that later caused major health problems for both the Vietnamese and U.S. soldiers and civilians.

Cloud-seeding has been going on for nearly a century. In 1915, Charles Hatfield supposedly caused a severe flood that destroyed much of downtown San Diego with its cloudbursts of epic proportions.

The British may have almost wiped out London in 1952 with their heavy cloud-seeding experiments for military purposes. As much rain fell in less than 8 hours than would normally fall in an entire month. Lowland flooding was widespread. The Thames River went over its banks in many locations.

The Chinese, in August of 2008, used 37,000 people to seed clouds aiming for a dry Olympics. Hundreds of teams used anti-aircraft guns to shoot shells of silver iodide into approaching cloud masses. Plus, the Beijing Weather Modification Office used more than 30 aircraft, 4,000 rocket launchers and at least 7,000 artillery pieces to make the rains fall before reaching the new National Stadium where the games were held. The Chinese claimed that they were quite successful in their efforts. It was smoggy at times during the Olympics of 2008, but mostly dry.

The Chinese also claim that all of their weather modification programs, including intense cloud-seeding efforts, are entirely peaceful in nature for the benefit of their own people.

Since the worst drought in more than a century in Russia a couple of years ago that prompted the Russians to suspend wheat exports driving prices well above $10-a-bushel here in the U.S., the Russians have stepped-up cloud-seeding operations.

In the past five years since 2007, billionaire Bill Gates has spent at least $5 million on geoengineering research and cloud-seeding in Africa alone due to severe shortages of clean water and food. But, the droughts are ‘worse than ever.’

Raytheon, a private defense contractor, is working with Gates and others “to reduce global warming” through stratospheric seeding with aluminum oxide particles, those nasty ‘CHEMTRAILS’ that we frequently see in our skies. They want to create what they call “smart clouds” through nonotechnology.

But, what worries this climatologist is the ‘chaff pollution’ that this high-altitude spraying has produced during the past several years.

Geoengineers and climate scientists say that we must cool off this planet to “prevent a horrible disaster from runaway global warming.” They don’t seem to care about our health, only their wealth. And, they don’t have our permission to carry out these risky experiments.

Among the substances found to be in recent laboratory soils in central Iowa were several that should simply not be there: 6 bacteria, including anthrax and pneumonia, 9 chemicals, including acetylcholine chloride, 26 heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium and zinc, 4 molds and fungi, 7 viruses, 2 cancers, 2 vaccines and 2 sedatives.

Over the last several months, many senators and congressmen have received a significant increase in chemtrail-related calls and letters. Most report a dramatic increase in chemtrail ‘spraying’ activity in their areas. Some are reporting the development of chronic flu-like symptoms, chronic fatigue and body aches that they have never before experienced. My wife Sharon, normally very healthy, is currently experiencing all of these symptoms as our many others in the region. Are these normal spring allergies? I think not.

Also, just this week, an airline pilot called to tell me, “Cliff, we pilots see these jet tankers dumping chemtrails almost every day. We’re told that it’s ‘a priority military project.’”

While I’m on the subject of ‘Chemtrails,’ farmers in some parts of the Midwest have been forced to spend $40 or more per acre on lime applications to combat the surprisingly high amounts of aluminum oxide in their soils. Confirming this on Friday, according our Kansas correspondent, Ed Petrowsky, the well-respected commodity advisory service, ‘Crop Quest,’ reported that aluminum levels across most of the Midwest have ‘DOUBLED’ in the past 3-5 years. They also added, that it must have come from the air. It didn’t leach up from the ground. So, I guess that two and two still makes four. Also on Friday, Greg Koch of Coeur d’Alene, informed me that there was a recent Chemtrail and Geoengineering Symposium held on the island of Maui on April 27 to discuss the lack of normal plant growth on the island.

The geoengineers are ‘playing with fire,’ and we’re ‘getting burned.’

Besides having to deal with this chemtrail mess, I’m becoming increasingly concerned with the current “‘MAD RACE’ TO OWN THE WEATHER BY 2025 OR SOONER” by many governments and their military leaders, including the U.S. and our NATO allies.

As I’ve said many times lately, the nation or nations that learn to ‘harness the weather’ will eventually ‘RULE THE WORLD WITH AN IRON HAND.’

They will be able to create all sorts of weather disasters, maybe even a NEW LITTLE ICE AGE, especially if we see a couple of major volcanic eruptions coinciding with their global cooling efforts.

Remember, the Bible, in the books of Joel, Isaiah and Revelation, talks about the ‘sun being darkened,’ which would result in much colder temperatures around the world. Are these foolish geoengineers possibly hastening their own demise? In my opinion, “dimmed minds” may lead to a “dimmed sun.”

I’d rather have global warming anyday than a new bitter ice age. Also remember, we haven’t had a hotter than normal summer season since 2006 in North Idaho.

The WEATHER could turn out to be both GOD’s and MANKIND’s ‘ULTIMATE WEAPON.’

© Copyright Cliff Harris. Posted by permission.

Climatologist Cliff Harris posted this article on his website here:

This is Part III, and the final part of his posts. You can the earlier posts:

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Note: As I mention in “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps,” spikes in strontium and other radioactive materials have occurred at many magnetic reversals. Those spikes also appear in the geologic record in sync with ice ages.

Why? Because our magnetosphere protects us from cosmic rays. As our magnetic-field strength declines, it allows more and more of these materials to rain onto our planet.

I’ve posted these articles because Cliff mentioned the increased levels of strontium found on Mt Shasta (in Part I). I’m curious as to how much of the strontium may be originating from cosmic rays rather than from human activity. I’m guessing that it is primarily a natural process and not caused by humans.


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  1. —I would disagree with the section about London and the floods in 1952. The 1950s were in general a very wet and cold decade and in 1952 there was also a surge down the North Sea which caused the overflowing of the Thames. This badly affected East Anglia (the ‘bump’ on the east coast above London), caused massive floods and many deaths.

    As to the cold: I remember wearing winter clothes in July 1954…

    • It’s interesting, I guess how much of these stories that many here are saying (and elsewhere) about much colder weather was prior to let’s say the 60’s up to 70’s doesn’t mean, in fact, that what happened after that period was very unprecedented and unusual in terms of the present phase of the Interglacial.
      It looks like the strong minima of Sporer, Maunder and Dalton are evidence that the climate is “trying” to enter the new glacial stage, but this has been hindered by some unknown cause.
      The following is an interesting reading in this respect,
      from 1975.
      They were really thinking seriously about the end of the Interglacial back then.
      Now we have more evidence to support a similar thesis, but also the warming period of the 30 years before 2005 to blur the effects of the present minimum, therefore people are not talking very seriously about this possibility now.

  2. The chemtrails will hasten the arrival of the new iceage. Also, the chemtrails is making the soil poisonous, it will be much harder to grow food. This is what the chemtrails is all about, it´s all about depopulation.

  3. I am convinced that this indeed a natural process.
    One of the classic materials used in cloud seeding is sliver iodide . In fact it has been used since the 1930’s. any of that in the analysis?

  4. From my early teens to my mid-thirties I read almost exclusively, for pleasure, science fiction. There are plenty of scenarios therein in which people have done severe damage to their planets by thinking they could control the weather and atmosphere. The Greeks had a word for this: hubris.

    • yes, good link Bob! thanks too.
      Did anyone catch this last sentence from Paragraph 10: They want to create what they call “smart clouds” through nonotechnology. I got a chuckle out of that typo.

  5. I have been wondering if any of the “abnormal” substances we’re finding now have come from the volcanic eruptions that are so numerous now.

    • “arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium and zinc”– these could all have a volcanic source. Who would waste Gold!! on a Geoengineering ‘flight of fancy’??

    • Very possible,About every element in the periodic table can be emitted from the ash and magma deep within the earth.

  6. This “chemtrails” argument seems too conspiratorial to me. Note that the problem appears more severe in the Western US (N. Idaho, Mt Shasta CA, Maui HI). The prevailing westerlies come across the Pacific from China, whose ambition is to be “the world’s factory.” The Chinese are building many,many coal-fired power plants,with no environmental safeguards whatever. A good comparison is with the NYC water supply. NYC receives all of its water from rain/snow fall in the Catskill mts of upstate NY. The water is constantly monitored, and shows no increase in heavy metal or other contamination.(The much smaller NYC watershed in Westchester County N. of NYC is not used currently because runoff from suburban lawn fertilizer creates algae growth.) Since the Al and other metal contamination is more severe the farther W you go, and not noticeable in upstate NY, this points to a source W of the US, not some Bill Gates/Raytheon conspiracy. Also, if there were such a conspiracy, the tort lawyers could really strike it rich with the biggest class action suit ever!

  7. Instead of commenting on the doom and gloom of this man-made disaster are there any chemists out there who can suggest an anti-rain remedy? I’m ready to fire up a few rockets into the atmosphere to stop it pissing down with rain all the time!

    • Maybe you should try a Cloudbuster? I’m only half-facetious here, but google “Wilhelm Reich” and “Orgone Energy” and “Cloudbusting” and see what comes up. I am skeptically undecided when it comes to accepting Reich’s Orgone energy theory. I think it’s weak on science/physics and tilts towards subjectivism and magical thinking. But it’s still an interesting idea.

      • just to clarify, I think Reich was fancifully giving names to phenomena that already had an explanation: what he called Orgone, perhaps was merely a higher Ionized atmospheric potential, and what he called “Deadly Orgone energy”, a low Ionization factor. This also jives with High and Low pressure systems, Highs having greater ionization, thus clearer bluer skies, and Lows just the opposite. Atmospheric Ionization also figures into the persistence of contrails, and suspended particulates in the atmosphere, along with temp and dew points. They’re all interrelated.
        When a free ion is attracted to a suspended particle, they attach, thus making the particle heavier so it will more quickly fall to ground.

        Someone earlier(perhaps the previous related thread) mentioned that they thought the so-called chemtrail they believed they saw had a metallic sheen in the atmosphere, I believe they mistook this for the prismatic effect of ice-crystal condensate.

  8. If the area (of the sky) in which jets fly were to have cooled substantially over the past few years, would their contrails not then remain in the sky and possibly spread (dew point?). In a warmer upper atmosphere would they not dissipate?

    Just a thought.

    • I agree, SteveSadlov. This is a poor choice for this site.

      In the 1960’s, I heard that a few countries were seeding clouds. Israel had been trying to increase the rain with limited success. Some clouds seeded produced rain while others did nothing. Unfortunately, there are too many factors involved to seed clouds successfully in the correct area needed every time. Obviously, there may be floods caused by such practices. I think the moral is “You can’t fool Mother Nature”!

  9. I used to be skeptical about “chemtrails,” too, until a few summers ago, on a hot (105+ degree) day here in the desert, with low humidity, when I saw planes leaving huge, wide plumes at relatively low altitudes, which lingered for as long as I was outdoors that day, while high above them jet liners were creating normal contrails that dissipated quickly in the dry air.

    Since then, I find it hard to believe that ice crystals can be created on hot summer days at low altitudes and persist for most of the day, while at higher altitudes the “normal” contrails dissipate almost immediately.

    By “low altitude” I mean below 10,000 feet, the summit of our largest mountain in this vicinity, as I saw one of the “sprayers” pass against the background of the mountain peak. On a day like that the summit’s temperature is about 70 to 75. Tough to see how ice crystals form at that temperature.

    Call me a skeptic, and give me my tinfoil hat.

    • You must have some “Real Good” eyes to see 10,000 feet away! What telescope were you using, 100inch or a 200?
      Ever see thew old WWII fighters make a climb after a steep dive? They created a cloud near their wing tips. Were they also “Spraying”?
      Sorry! Try the “Tin Hat”.

      • Sorry Marcus, a couple of things. Those “contrails” left by WW2 fighters didn’t persist. You do understand the word persist, right? If not, take off your blinders and look it up. We are well aware of “condensation trails” that are formed by pressure waves from the wings, but they don’t spread out and persist. Damn, that word again. As for seeing 10,000 feet – exactly how difficult is that? You CAN see an airliner crossing the sky that is 25,000 feet up, can’t you? If not, again, take those blinders off, man!

  10. The best explanation so far is here.
    And it is not to create the clouds or to control the weather.

    Felix is right!
    The Chemtrails are being sprayed to counter the effects of cosmic rays, the most vulnerable being the semiconductors.
    Without semiconductors we cease to be a civilisation.

    • I can’t believe that Aviation Electronic circuits are not already designed to be within grounded shielded metal boxes.

      Maybe we need to bring back the ol’ trusty vacuum tube!!!

  11. A Contrail dissipates in a short while, Chemrails do not. I didnt believe it either till I also sat outside and noticed the odd trail NOT clearing cleanly taking hours to form a haze.
    I am rural so its very very obvious out here.
    and the HAARP, mentions that aluminium barioum etc up high helps them focus and heat the ionosphere for their “research”
    cloud seeding is NOT what theyre doing, if so droughts could be slowed with any decent cloud near they could use. they dont.
    they signed a treaty not to use weather control after the vietnam war. its online, its real.
    and Robert check the inbox for the word file I sent detailing usa govt chat on it..its not happy reading.

  12. I’m a skeptic with an open mind. Anyone who doesn’t believe weather modification exists, or who doesn’t believe that geoengineering programs exist, or who doesn’t believe that DOW chemical and others have applied for and received patents for aerial dispersal of nanometer-sized chemical particles, or who cannot see the difference between contrails and trails from chemical aerosols in the sky at the very same time–may not be wearing a tinfoil hat, but that’s probably only because they have their head buried in the sand. Fantasy comes in the forms of both belief and denial. IMHO

  13. Well, Robert, it seems we have attracted all the “paper hatters” out there that have computers! So sad since their arguments always take the form of attacks. Just like all “Warmer mongers,” they can’t argue a point since they appear to know nothing to start with. So sad. The only “conspiracy theory” that I am aware of is the one that suggests that if they don’t agree with it, or the MSM doesn’t say it, it’s tinfoil hat time. Funny isn’t it? Someone writes an article who IS a climatologist, and is attacked by the “warmer vultures” that can’t state facts but dole out plenty of “conspiracy theory.”

  14. Love the web site, and it’s premise, but this is rubbish. I flew military planes for 20 years, and also as a pilot for a major airline for 31 years. I have never heard the first word, rumor or story about such activity. I have never seen these tankers flying, or heard controllers talking to them.
    This would have to be a big operation. Where are the planes? They aren’t military, they are pretty busy right now. They aren’t airliners, no airline in the USA does this.
    You could not keep this quiet, someone would spill the story.
    So far, as far as I am concerned, this is rubbish. It takes away from the battle against the Global Warming weenies.
    Tinfoil Hat Time!!!

    • Actually, D. Crawford, it sounds like you have been wearing tinfoil blinders for a long time. So you flew airliners for 31 years and never saw a chemtrail? Thank God I wasn’t on any of the flights you were on, or were you serving coffee on those flights and never looked out the windows. And you can’t tell the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail? Strange.

      • You are out of your mind. You might cut down on the caffeine.
        I know enough to recognize a contrail, while you have only seen them from the basement window.
        You are making yourself look very stupid.

  15. As I recall, aerosol aluminum – as in that used in aerosol underarm deoderant was once linked with Alzheimers, so it is wonderful to know that aluminum oxide is being spread via chemtrails. I also recall reading that chemtrails had some effect on ELF communications and allowed for greater distances of wave propogation. One side effect of aerial dispersement was, of course, the fact that it reflected light and heat, so the “myth” of global warming may have ben invented to legitimatize the spraying in the first place. Just a thought.

  16. One reason we can infer that these ‘contrails’ are NOT natural is the patterns they make in the sky. I’ve seen tic-tac-toe patterns and even huge letters painted overhead (and no – the flying circus was not in town). The reason behind the lettering seems obvious: the folks behind the Persistent Aerosol Program are using satellite tracking/telemetry to keep track of their complex machinations as they release the various aerosols into the TROPOSPHERE. The tic-tac-toe patterns are illogical if commercial airlines are making any attempt at all to save fuel: I mean, where are cities laid out anywhere in this country that are evenly spaced like a game board? Don’t airliners fly directly to their destinations? And yes, the military is involved up to their eyeballs – this was proven years ago over Houston skies by the use of a software program that distinguished commercial from military craft. I’ve even witnessed two sprayplanes – flying side-by-side – one emitting a thick chemtrail & the other plane emitting nothing visible at all (this with 10 power binoculars as they approached my location). I had the distinct impression that the ‘vaporless’ plane was filming the chemtrail plane, probably for future fine-tuning of the equipment. For more information google ‘chemtrails, clifford carnicom’.

    • If an aircraft was spraying an aerosol, it would not be invisible near the plane only to become visible further back. Any ‘trail’ that only becomes visible at some distance behind the plane is a contrail

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