Chevy Volt missing sales targets by more than 40% – Video

Chevy Volt missing sales targets by more than 40% – Video

Billions of dollars down the drain – Taxpayers forced to pick up the tab

We taxpayers have forked over billions of dollars in outright grants, loans and tax benefits to both GM and consumers to build and (try to) sell a vehicle for which there is no demand.

In this video, we learn that not only are sales going to miss their target by more than 40% but, a large portion of the sales are to state and local municipalities that used stimulus dollars to finance the purchase.

Taxpayers screwed again.

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14 thoughts on “Chevy Volt missing sales targets by more than 40% – Video”

  1. Ahhhh the electric car. Its been the car of the future for the last 100 years. Pure electric cars will never come to the forefront until battery technology makes a quantum leap in development. The government money would have been better spent in research and development of battery technology. Nanotechnology in battery design has the potential to provide power for ten times as long and a charging rate in minutes rather than hours.

  2. I really wanted this vehicle to work. But as the article says its been forced on the market. The marketing for it has been poor at best. There is no excitment. I was at a Christmas party the other night and a couple of folks hadn’t even heard of it. Hope they can figure it out. Now if you want an exciting zero emmission car try the Tesla. That thing is beautiful!

  3. More outright fraud. More theft. Typical government corruption… Did anyone REALLY expect anything else to come of this … REALLY?

  4. Battery technology is what it is. It has not changed significantly since 1900. And it won’t. Batteries are a very inefficient way to store energy when compared to the ubiquitous gasoline tank. One more: “If government is the answer, it is a stupid question.”

  5. thing that makes me laugh is the power source is coal powered in most how green is that car?
    not very.
    amazed me that most Usa folks dont know or run LPG LNG in their fleets or private cars, in aus we have many of them its old tech but useful. at one time the petrol cost was double that of LNG then..the govt whacked a huge tax on it so now gas is a lot less attractive an option.
    so what Green fuel did they belt over the head by that tax.. idiots.
    petrols around the 1.50 a litre and rising(for xmas)
    and gas is around 90 a litre, we sell our gas to china for?? something like .04c a litre.
    how dumb is that!

    • We have a lot of vehicles that run on lp/lng. Many folks can run their rv’s on either gas(petrol(?)) or lp. Lots of fleet vehicles run on it too. There is not much cost advantage to doing it though and the inconvenience of filling up is enormous. You have to be certified by the state to fill tanks and then there is the inconvenience of finding a service station to do it. Mostly we use lp for the barbecue.

  6. In an ice age whats the best way to travel? COLD Fusion (ie the car that runs on water LOL). Merry Xmas all climate watchers. Stay safe. CU 2012

  7. Its important to remember that the volt is not a purely electric vehicle. Neither is it a true hybrid. It does have a very practical range of over 400 miles. It has all the parts to be a real leap forward in automotive tech its just been put togther incredibly poorly and its marketing has been equally shoddy.

  8. The Chevy Volt is a car for Idiots.
    It’s a short range electric car with a generator as a range extender.
    It’s as reliable as second hand lap top computer.

    Any VW/Audi/BMW diesel beats this car.

    Conventional hybrids do a good job when you’re engaged in heavy stop and go traffic.

    As soon as you hit the highway all alledged advantages are gone. Why?
    Because you are dragging the additional weight of the battery pack, the elctric motor and all the wiring.

    In principle turning a fuel tank into a rare metal heavy weight battery is total madness.

    Besides that we have fossil fuels available for many generations to come and there is absolutely no reason to go electric or generator powered electric.

    What we should do is perform electricity generation
    based on Thorium reactors to feed existing grids.

    Natural gas/shale gas power generation for local electricity needs.
    Gas power generators are scalable so you don’t need expensive expansion of transportation grids.

    For mobile applications we can use coal to liquid
    (gasoline) and natural gas/shale gas to liquid (sulfa free diesel).

    Thorium will bring humanity through the next ice age.

    Fossil fuels will last for hundreds of years based on our current fuel consumption.

    Thanks to shale gas we will be able to continue our civilization for at least 2000 years.

    Eye balling the developments over the past 300 years we will have plenty of time to find better solutions.

    • I never thought I would be defending ev’s but I am curious have you ever even driven one? I had the loan of a Prius for a week, driving between San Francisco and San Jose. 48 miles one way. Normal fuel costs in the Ford Focus are usually around 2 tanks so about 90 bucks. The Prius was full on Sunday when I got it. When I returned it to the rental agency on Friday I only had to add 6 gallons after 5 days driving approximately 100 miles per day.
      One of the factors that made the internal combustion engine so ubiquitous was the distribution system of fuel. That system exists today for ev’s. Its in every home, every school, every building.
      You can drive a Tesla 200 miles for about 3 dollars.
      Ev’s are truly the way of the future. Not because of some agw tripe but because they are simpler, fewer moving parts, cheaper to run, and quick! Holy cats you get unlimited torque instantaneously at the wheels.
      Yes batteries are expensive but there is economy of scale to consider.
      Finally I am sure the transition from horse to horseless carriage was just as rocky if not more so. Yes the horse was more reliable and there was a whole infrastructure set up to maintain, equip and finally deal with the remains of those noble beasts. Not much of that infrastructure remains. Guess its cause something good was replaced by something better. EV’s folks. Ready or not here they come.

  9. I have been wondering (so maybe others have wondered as well) how we would “plug in and recharge” our electric cars if we all had them. Obama wants to bankrupt our coal power plants, nuclear power is opposed by almost everyone, wind power is unreliable except in a few areas and solar power would require a larger car. So there we would be with a car that runs on fuel that has been outlawed. I looked into hydrogen powered vehicles – of which there are a few – but getting them refueled is a problem as very few places sell the fuel cells and they are expensive because of it.

    Oh well, exhaling will soon be illegal – probably with double fines if you are fat and exhale!

    • Look at United Nuclear’s web site. They have a home fueling technology for hydrogen that just might work. If they can ever get it off the ground.

  10. Alternative energy will never be developed nor a better battery.
    Because the government “must” keep control over us.
    You see, we can’t handle it on our own!

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