Cheyenne, Wyoming BURIED in Blizzard! – Live Video

7:30 AM March 14th – “Snow continues to fall over the area with blizzard to near blizzard conditions in spots,” says the National Weather Service.

“Strong winds will continue today with heavy snowfall resulting in whiteout conditions. Travel has become extremely dangerous if not impossible with heavy snow and whiteout conditions. Do not travel at all today! Stay posted for the latest updates!”

8 thoughts on “Cheyenne, Wyoming BURIED in Blizzard! – Live Video”

  1. I see, this vid is a current live shot. I was watching other vids from Live Storms media and vids about this event as well. Impressive!

    • Yes it is impressive! There are a number of webcams I regularly check for the area I like to hike/snow shoe, and the snow has REALLY been coming down! Even by Rocky Mountain standards this is quite a blizzard.

  2. my friend in Ufa russia says theyre still having snow storms severe cold and Spring festivals arent happening…cos they cant;-)

  3. September 7-9/2020
    A bizarre early-September snowstorm dumped snow from Montana to New Mexico, a record early-in-season snow in several locations roughly two weeks before summer officially ended.
    Looks like six months of winter.

  4. … and the cattle are already eating new grass shoots on mostly snow free pasture [under mostly clear blue skies] in west central Alberta right now with +10 to +15 deg C daytime weather… but expect we’ll get some snows before mid-May per usual.

  5. And in Switzerland, intermittent snowfall this week with temperatures way below the average for the period.

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