Chicago temps down to minus 30 degrees

At the moment I am posting this, shortly after noon, the temperature in Chicago is a balmy 10F (-12C).

The National Weather Service issued a wind chill advisory last night, warning that wind chills could reach close to minus 30F (-34C) overnight in some areas, especially west and northwest of Chicago.

The weather service further warned that people could suffer frostbite in as little as 30 minutes.

How’s that global warmin’ workin’ for ya, Chicago?

7 thoughts on “Chicago temps down to minus 30 degrees”

  1. I am getting a prediction of – 14 f. actual low temp for sun-mon, if it hits-20-25 there will be a lot of frozen pipes. there has been a lot of global warming houses built since the 70s and a lot of shoddy insulation work and many will pay for that if the plumbing is in an outside wall. They closed a lot of schools today just because it got down to 0 f. and many opened late. We used to have snow days when I was in school, but not temp. days, and so far it was colder at times in the 60s. Looks like we have not so hardy warmist’s in Chicago. This will be interesting til it gets serious, then it will be very serious.

  2. This is obviously the result of collusion between Donald Trump & Mad Vlad Putin. Gotta talk that global warming down …..!



  3. looks like kids in Chicago will still know what snow looks like in 85 years from now…………………………………………IF they survive the next ice age!

  4. Wind chill is not temperature.

    Better off sticking to science and data and not resorting to sensationalist headlines, don’t you think?

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