Children won’t know what champagne tastes like

Up to a third of some Champagne vineyards affected by heavy frosts earlier this month.

Champagne crop badly damaged by frost

Temperatures dropped to – 3°C in the Côte des Blancs, while there was more widespread damage in the Côte des Bar as temperatures fell to – 5°C.

The vines in the Côte des Bar to the south-east of Troyes, where Pinot Noir is planted, were hardest struck.  Moët & Chandon winemaker Benoît Gouez said that the worst damage in the grands crus of Avize and Aÿ, where up to 18% has been damaged.

Olivier Bonville of Franck Bonville, a grower based in Avize said, ‘Frost affected about 30% of our vineyard. After the warm temperatures in March the vines were already showing two leaves.

And according to Arnaud Margaine, a grower with vineyards in Villers-Marmery, ‘We saw 15-20% of the vines damaged. But it is still too early to see the impact on the next harvest as some new buds may grow.’

Thanks to Marc Morano for pointing out this article and to Tom Nelson for the excellent title.

17 thoughts on “Children won’t know what champagne tastes like”

  1. I have always heard that sometime in the 50’s or 60’s France suffered some sort of blight that destroyed many vineyards. It was purportedly so bad they had to import vines from the US to replant. Don’t know if its true or not.

    • probably phylloxera. its a nusiance but manageable.
      its a worldwide issue.
      wine business is nuts.
      Aus had huge boom and plantings, then the market changes the colour or breed of grape for fashion…so they go rip em all out, then glut, get the picture?
      and masses of subsidies by govt for the industry.
      meanwhile really good farmland is wasted on bloody grapes.

  2. when the ice age comes they will just say it would have been colder if it wasnt for (AGW) so give al gore and his puppet masters all your money. The you know what will hit the fan when they cant glue the hockey stick back together again!

  3. All that will happen is that the growing zones will move south.

    There’s no magic formula – just a temporary climatic optimum.

  4. John – not sure about the date but I think it was a guy from Texas who had figured out how to make a strain of grapes that would allow the French grape taste to remain unchanged but the roots would resist the blight. I think it resulted in a big payday for him. (I actually heard this from Kasey Kasem on a replay of American Top 40 from 1984 believe it or not, just don’t remember the dates.)

  5. When my children were small kids, there was no way that they would have been allowed to know what Champagne tasted like.

    Throughout history, within what were agricultural “zones”, there were great variances in temperature ranges and in annual precipitation.

    Simply another attempt to cause panic over nothing at all.

    With all of the huge amount of volcanic eruptions the last several years, more coolness was bound to happen.

  6. I’ve tasted champagne. wouldn’t miss it. Besides, kids with no champagne, about as much chance as last winter’s kids without snow.
    Europe freezing its champagnes off and US warmer than usual. clearly proof of global warming.
    Now, the “October” snow in Australia, that’s a real worry.
    Still burning our food for fuel. There’s the real problem.
    And what about the new reports that windmills cause microclimate warming?
    We are humans, stay open minded and aware, prepare and adapt, stop being hysterical.

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