Chile – More than 3,000 people isolated by snow

News calls it a “meteorological emergency.”

29 June 2019 – More than 3,000 people remain isolated in the Lonquimay area due to the accumulation of snow. In addition, several rural sectors have been without electricity for 4 days.

Heavy machinery is working to clear the routes: 6 motor graders, a bulldozer and two trucks with front shovel.

As of now, only the main routes have been cleared. For this reason, machinery will be added to work in the meteorological emergency.

The border crossings of Pino Hachado and Icalma remain closed due to the snow and white wind in the high mountain range.

Pino Hachado has been closed since June 23, for this reason about 90 trucks are waiting for the reopening of the pass to continue their trip to the destination.

Now low temperatures arrive. In the commune of Lonquimay is forecast 7 degrees below zero for this Sunday.×400.jpeg

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  1. Robert, just saw a report on a ‘freak hail storm” in Guadalarja, Mexico. I saw it in Australian Broadcast Corporation’s website.

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