Chile – Rare snowstorm batters Santiago

About 337,000 households without power due to snow-laden trees and branches falling on cables.

The rare snowstorm (one website called it a “blizzard”) hit as the city and surrounding region were enduring an unusual “cold snap.” (Two days ago, Accuweather was forecasting record cold in the Chilean capital. I’m not sure that qualifies as a mere “cold snap.”)

Meteorologists say it was the heaviest snowfall in Santiago since 2007, but some commentators said the city had not seen so much snow with this magnitude in 40 years.

Several football matches were suspended due to heavy snow, the Football Federation of Chile said in a statement.

Santiago and the greater area is home to around seven million people.

See video:

Lots of photos:

This website calls it “an unusual blizzard”:

Thanks to Jimmy Walter, Dean Koehler, Bill Sellers, Martin Siebert, Ivan, Marcio Accioly, ptolemy2, R Moyer and Alexey Parkhomenko for these links

“Even more astonishing than snow in Santiago, Chile is that it is reported by the BBC!” says ptolemy2. “Cracks may be appearing in the state’s warmist propaganda machine.”

“Looks like South America is not immune to global cooling,” says Bill. “Santiago is less than 70 miles from the ocean.”

1 thought on “Chile – Rare snowstorm batters Santiago

  1. hello! im from Chile..

    in my home, near the mountains the snow still for the 2nd day after the blizzard..
    the blizzars comes with heavy wind around 3 am of the friday 14, and near my home fall around 5 cms, but in other places like the Universidad Catolica Soccer Stadium falls like 30cms.
    and after that, all my neighbors and I, dont have electricity for 30 hours.
    since the great quake of 2010 i dont have power shutdown for that longer… it was a snow earthquake.
    and our president dosent show yet! its totally hidden.
    FACT: our people and our country are not prepared for and little ice age.

    ah.. last thing.. the blizzard was not only in Santiago… it was in all the south too..

    best regards.

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