China airport closes in blizzard

22 Nov 2016 – More than 10,000 passengers left stranded.  

More than 230 flights canceled or delayed in and out of Xinzheng airport in Zhengzhou – the capital of central China’s Henan Province – as the blizzard led to the airport’s closure.

Local meteorological authorities issued a red alert, the highest of a four-tier warning system for severe weather, for the blizzard.

Several cities, including Zhengzhou and Luoyang, reported heavy snow.

The snowy weather also forced cancellation of bus services in the province.

China temperatures continue to drop
Xinhua, November 22, 2016. Strong winds hit much of China after a cold front dragged temperatures down by more than 10 degrees Celsius.

Beijing and neighboring areas saw the first snowfall of the winter over the weekend.

Freezing weather will linger until Wednesday, with blue alerts for cold spells issued in Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu as well as Sichuan on Monday.

From Monday to Wednesday, temperatures in Beijing and neighboring areas are expected to drop to as low as minus 14 degrees Celsius.

“The Dutch MSM does not report this news,” says Argiris. “Winter has not even started yet and blizzards are already battering large parts of Asia. But every wildfire in Australia is always headline news. That’s how we are being brainwashed.”

3 thoughts on “China airport closes in blizzard

  1. Wow. I checked. This town in China, Zhengzhou, is roughly the same latitude and 750 feet closer to sea level than Phoenix Arizona and we are still a month away from the winter solstice.

    It is difficult to imagine the conditions under which Phoenix was sufficiently cold enough in November to have a blizzard shut down Sky Harbor Airport.

  2. nullschool wind charts last few days show steady easterly winds hitting china/asia so looking at ocean temps its apt theyre copping cold
    meanwhile sth hem is partially back to cool again down from nsw
    overnight temps next few days around 7c or less_+ days under 20C

  3. We actually did have this news reported here in Australia – mainly because of a huge pile up of trucks and vehicles caused by icy roads.

    I keep telling people that despite all the reports of warmth here – it is summer after all – it isn’t as hot as 1980 or 1968 – 2 years I remember as remarkable heat in November and Easter.

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