China grinds to a halt

Pollution levels indicate that Chinese cities are running at 50-80 % of potential capacity.

“Morgan Stanley suggested that real time measurements of Chinese pollution levels would provide a “quick and dirty” (no pun intended) way of observing if any of China’s major metropolises had returned back to normal. What it found was that among some of the top Chinese cities including Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu, a clear pattern was evident – air pollution was only 20-50% of the historical average. As Morgan Stanley concluded, “This could imply that human activities such as traffic and industrial production within/close to those cities are running 50-80% below their potential capacity.”

See entire article along with many videos and graphs:

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  1. great find Don
    Electrical production/reduction – (not just steel mills) – connected??? – P.R., Ven. and Calif. – they do practice – it’s likely a eugenics high gradey kinda thing to flicker the lights a bit in fits and starts to give a preview and keep ’em guessing…. fridge on fridge off… now big John wouldn’t have a spare gen kickin’ ’round the ‘ol trailer for shtf and giggles… figure?

  2. Perhaps the Chinese ought to take the trouble to fit real pollution reducing technology to their power plants now. The technology to radically reduce pollution – particulates, smoke and SOx and NOx chemicals is readily available and effective.

    This is the real indictment of China’s industrial expansion – failure to deal with real pollution.

    Away from the cities in China air quality was pretty good in 2008 when I visited the site of the “Great Wall Marathon” in early September.

  3. One good thing will come from this coronavirus episode, at least. We should be able, afterwards, to determine who are the true prophets among us.

    Prophecies range from “It’s just another flu” to “It’s The End Of Civilization As We Know It.”

    Pay close attention to who says what, boys and girls, so that the next time an earth-shattering event comes along, you’ll have a better idea of whom to give credence to.

  4. The Chinese government must be propping up their stock markets. The Shanghai Composite Index and the Hang Seng Index are both up for the week. YTD, the SCI is down 4.36%, and the HSI is down 1.33%. For comparison, the Japanese Nikkei Index is down for the week and up a modest .13% YTD. I am not an expert in East Asia stock markets, but you have to wonder how the extreme measures being taken there have not affected Chinese stock markets more negatively than the current numbers show.

  5. at a guess I would have thought the shut down/in cities would be far less than 50% of usual
    nearly no vehicles on roads public transport nearly non existant. car sales forlast 2 mths are so low the dealers are having mini hysterics, as are any manufacturing enterprises
    Alibaba put out a message that theye expecting some severe drops in sales/ supply ability and continuity of supply by a lot of their sellers.
    power for heating/cooling factories and demands on powerplants much reduced also hell of a lot less planes flying BA alone has dropped hundreds a week as have others.
    maybe now is the time to tell them??
    that if the EUrocrats the IPCC and the rest of the believers would like to see Chinas power fuel and ebergy use stay at this level OR Lower to satisfy their demands for reducing co2 emissions.
    I dunno why I have this suspicion the people and the govt mightnt be overly happy to be told that?

    the flow on of unavailability of goods spares etc for the rest of the world should be starting to hit home now too
    the crazy JIT systems where to cut costs no one holds more than a week or so (if that) backup stock, sounds smart (reduces overheads and storage costs) but when something goes pearshaped…everyone down the line is well n truly stuffed as well

  6. Currently running 50-80% *below* normal pre-crisis levels of oil consumption. Not at. You should change the heading.

    This will send ripples into the oil market very soon. (Rigzone)

  7. When things get this bad, not just police but marauding criminal gangs who could dress up as police, go from house to house confiscating bread. Has happened before.
    We are lucky we have survived this long.
    Nothing is guaranteed.
    Criminal gangs usually behave nastier than criminal states. They just chop your head off to get bread.
    Again, has happened.
    A shotgun may help and I say this to England as well as America.
    Take my drink but I would shoot anyone trying to harm my wife and kids. You know I would.

  8. At the turn of the century AIDS cases were widely predicted and believed to be increasing exponentially, and pharmaceutical companies made a killing. Subsequently ?


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