China – Heavy snow strands ‘nearly 100,000′ at rail station

2 Feb 2016 – The crowd outside Guangzhou station in southern China swelled to nearly 100,000 at its peak on Monday night, police said.

Many trains from north and central China were delayed by the rare snow – leaving passengers stranded with no transport.

More than 50,000 people still remained stuck outside the station on Tuesday, state media said.

In addition to the snow, central China has experienced some of its coldest weather in years.

Photos show masses of stranded passengers:

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4 thoughts on “China – Heavy snow strands ‘nearly 100,000′ at rail station”

  1. According to a Pakistan news agency snowfall in China has broken down all records of previous years, No specific numbers are given and this is not (yet) confirmed by other media. It could very well be true, but we have to be careful.
    ” Heavy snowfall affects routine life in China 030216
    Snowfall continued for several days have jammed the routine life in China, while millions of passengers returning to their home for Chinese New Year, stuck on stations and airports.
    Snowfall in China has broken down all records of previous years, while the snowfall has increased problems for millions of people returning to their homes for Chinese new year ceremonies. Aerial operation and trains schedule have been affected badly due to bad weather and snowfall, while six thousand policemen have been deployed to control the people. According to Chinese officials, at least three billion people travel in different areas of China during new year vacations.”

  2. This happens every year, because this is the New Years holiday and millions of people leave the factory towns to go home usually north and central China, I’m sure the snow being worse than usual has a big impact but trying to move so many people at the same time is the bigger factor. Gung hay fat choi!

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