China is preparing for a cooling planet

At least a Dalton minimum in the next twenty years

China is preparing for a cooling planet


China has weather records going back for thousands of years. Those records show solar maximums and solar minimums. Those records have earth headed for at least a Dalton minimum in the next twenty years, perhaps worst.

China has also been reestablishing the fabled silk road supply chain. While the UN tries to steer the world into a warming cycle, China is preparing for a cooling planet, which is why I myself question the UN’s motive.

Of course on the other hand, China has had a terrible growing season this year. Flooding in crop growing areas and below normal temperatures. Swine flu has devastated the pig farmers. China has billions to feed and this years crops will not feed them all.

My $0.02 worth.

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  1. When you consider that an ice age will drop sea level, you might consider what you are saying and think of why China is so aggressive about the South China Sea as well. A lot of potentially useful land will come up from under the seas, which can then be used to replace the land lost to the cold. And that undersea gas and oil will become a lot easier to access as well. Just a thought.

    • It will take time for sea levels to drop. Even more time for formerly under sea soil to desalinate and become fertile.

  2. There was a guy on the radio the other night on coast to coast who had all the facts and figures in front of him and has written a book don’t remember the man’s name I’ll try to find his website but he is predicting a complete mini Ice Age starting in five years. He explained exactly what you have in this article China needs food and crops are failing tens of millions of acres have been unplantable this year alone as there was no spring. This is why China and Russia are moving on Africa and South America, and buying us out also. He said since there will be no way to save billions of people, we will lie instead. They even mentioned Robert

  3. Where are the reports on Chinese farming problems? I try to keep up on these but have not found a source for China. Which parts are having problems?

    • You’re not trying hard enough!
      Fri, 09 Aug 2019
      Strongest storm in five years has already cancelled 300 flights and cut power to 40,000 homes in Taiwan
      China’s weather bureau issued a red alert as super typhoon Lekima approaches Zhejiang province on the eastern coast, after forcing flight cancellations in Taiwan and shutting markets and businesses
      Thu, 08 Aug 2019
      A powerful typhoon will hit Taiwan later on Thursday (Aug 8), bringing the risk of landslides and high seas, weather forecasters said, hours after a 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck the island.
      Tue, 06 Aug 2019
      Chinese duck farmers become millionaires as 50%+ of China’s pig population is culled at the same time Beijing forbids any state owned enterprises from importing USA agricultural products.
      Mon, 15 Jul 2019
      A total of 377 rivers across the country have reported floods exceeding alarm levels, over 80 percent more than the annual number of such rivers registered since 1998 when severe floods hit China, according to Wang Zhangli, deputy director with the ministry’s flood and drought disaster prevention department.
      Mon, 02 Feb 2015
      China created the ‘One Belt and One Road’ initiative. We want to continue the tradition of the Silk Road and give it with a new meaning in a new century,” he told journalists after the trilateral Russia-China-India Foreign Minister talks.

  4. Russian researcher Valentina Zharkova says we are possibly going toward a grand minimum like Maunder’s.

  5. China is well prepared for whats coming! They have built a ghost city for 500k people in Angola, bought large tracts of land in north africa probably to grow crops ( remember there is allegedly the largest fresh water lake on earth under the sahara desert)!
    China will look after its self and survive, the rest of us being led by ignorant politicians or those who want to destroy everything that has been built by blood, sweat and tears because of an unelected UN promoting the biggest deceit every perpetrated on the planet will be lucky to get through this!

  6. And they “refuse” to buy American farm products? Smart move, China……………BUT…………with this cooling Earth in mind, I now know why the South African “government” is kicking out certain farmers and taking all the farm land, for free…

    Why? Well, it is so simple. Once the “government” gets all the farm land, they can lease it to China….South Africa is full of cheap labor that the Chinese can put on the farm, and the Leaders of South African can get BILLIONS in their Swiss accounts from these Chinese Plantation Owners…….China now has a “secure” source of food.

    This is why South Africa is doing what they are doing with “land reform”…….Extremely smart and clever and the West will do nothing about it.

    The “Big Men” of South African get huge amounts of money, the Chinese get farm products and cheap labor….what’s there not to like?

    So, with this in mind, Russia should let the thousands of “former” South African farmers into Russia and give them land. These are some of the smartest farmers in the world and they will help Russia feed itself and deal with the invasion of Eastern Russia by the Chinese. … 200,000 South Africans can help secure Eastern Russian.

    • South African settlers who settle in Russia might find that their stay as a people in Russia will be temporary.
      If magnetic north and the polar axis of rotation is closer to Russia instead of North America, Eurasia will likely get the worst of a major glaciation. Russia having good relations with Turkey and Iran could be a good strategy for the future as Russia will need an ice age refuge.

    • The Chinese will be better off bringing in their own laborers. Maybe we’ll see a new land rush in nice, warm Africa. Chinese, Russians, Europeans and North Americans carving out pieces for themselves, not bothering with documents.

    • South Africa does NOT have cheap labour. And the workers there keep demanding more, sending the economy further down the road of destruction.

  7. There is an interesting link on Drudge tonight about how China is dramatically increasing imports of food and various commodities, which are being stockpiled, as if they expect some very harsh conditions, and are also hoarding gold. This increased hoarding of materials is obviously not because their economy is booming — but despite growing economic weakness.

    While they have stopped buying U.S. farm products for geopolitical reasons, they are buying large amounts of wheat from Russia. At least, if we do go into a Dalton or Maunder Minimum, the excess, unsold production of American farmers that is building up should be nice to have in the U.S.

  8. If Chinese govt is NOT in denial over ice age and is taking steps to prepare for the future of their people, and Russia is NOT in denial and invaded the Ukraine in order to be able to feed their people, what does that say about the US govt?

    Think about it.

  9. I noted a couple of years ago that many of the scientific papers that argued that the sun was the primary driver were written by Chinese scientist. It seemed to me that that could not happen without approval from the authorities. Then there was a crackdown on said scientists for which there must have been a reason.

    Last winter there were square miles of Chinese glass houses damaged by heavy snow.

  10. This is why China is building all of those “Ghost Cities” in southern China and Africa. Everybody keeps scratching their heads in wonder, but the reason is so obvious if they will just educate themselves.

    They’re getting ready for the next GSM AND the next Glaciation phase of the Pleistocene ice age we are currently living within.

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