China – Unusual blizzards and snowstorms just weeks before summer – Video

Asian Winter (coldest in 60-80 years!

Rare snowstorms across four provinces during the last two weeks.

Thanks to Andrew Stranglen for this video

“Nice overview of the record of the record Asian Winter (coldest in 60-80 years! ),” says Andrew. “But the media seemed to ignore it.”

4 thoughts on “China – Unusual blizzards and snowstorms just weeks before summer – Video”

  1. yeah OUR aussie media are running the melting tar in Indias streets as THE big story ..
    not one!! of the ice/snow/underaverage temp is mentioned at all
    typical agenda driven drivel for the sheeple!

    • Laurel,
      As always… I find your perspective refreshing!

      What surprises me is… is that India would think there is something odd about that. I always thought one of the things India was known for is… hot weather. I have an old cookbook for Indian food… that explains that the hotter the region the hotter the spices, which was done to help people keep their appetite up… since hot weather typically makes you loose your appetite a bit.

      Here in the US, in summer… even growing up in New England (which gets darn cold in winter), we’d get a few weeks of hot spells when it’s not uncommon to find tar melting in the streets. I knew kids growing up who used to try using it is as chewing “gum” (OK, kids are weird sometimes and the stuff is toxic I’m sure). In Virginia where I now live (quite a bit further south)… it’s pretty much the norm in summer. My driveway in particular… tar oozes between the cracks.

  2. NASA and UCLA have confirmed the reality of this object and they call it HEO437. It is a HIGH ENERGY DWARF STAR [originally invisible to the human eye sight] and it might be devouring the Sun absorbing solar mass thus it is becoming more visible to the human eye with each day that passes. Thus they can no longer ignore it or hide it from the world population. Notice the higher levels of UV ultra violet radiation since it showed up in 2011. Notice the up tick in earthquakes and volcano’s since it arrived. Will it suck the sun into non existence ? Thus bringing in an Ice Age that will last for ever and ever and ever ? According to what I have been told the Sun is already right now 50% colder than it should be. According to the Swedish Meteorological Office the North Atlantic is already no less than 10*C colder than it should be. I am 2E3NJ transmitting on approximately 27314 KHz AM intermittently as call sign DEEPBLUESKY. Use this link. There are plenty of other video’s on YouTube for example. Today the sky here is far too cloudy for me to look at the sky. I hope that you can see the sky where you live.

  3. David Dubyne has posted another excellent video, in Oregon, “Discussions of the Sun effecting Earth’s climate will not be tolerated or accepted under the new resolution. Oregon schools ban all debate on climate change in text books. Climate Justice Curriculum.”

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