Chinese CDC data suggests that most people will NOT develop life-threatening illness

In China, 87% of the more than 80,000 people sickened by the virus have already recovered from COVID-19, says this article in the Daily Mail. 

More than 80% of coronavirus patients get only mild symptoms, like cough, fever, some aches and pains, and most recover quickly, Chinese data suggests.

Coronavirus became severe in 15 percent of cases and critical in five percent, but on the whole, only 2.3 percent of infected people died and most were over age 80. (I’m not sure the word ‘only’ is the appropriate word here, but for those who think billions of people are going to die, perhaps it is.)

Since 20% of hospitalized patients in the US are between ages 20 and 44, the fact that most China deaths occurred in the over-80 age bracket could give them reason for hope.

Another cause for optimism is that some studies suggest that people become ‘low risk’ for transmitting virus within just 10 days of starting to feel sick.

This gives me great hope that self-quarantining procedures may help tremendously in a very short time.

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7 thoughts on “Chinese CDC data suggests that most people will NOT develop life-threatening illness”

  1. The numbers from Italy show 75% of the cases(so far) and 60% MORE deaths with 1/20 of the population. Perhaps Asians are more resistant to it? Similar to small pox and the Americans, Europeans died of small pox, but in much smaller numbers.

    China..chance of dying 1 in 500,000
    Italy..Chance of dying
    China 81,054 +46 3,261 +6 1/460,000
    Italy 59,138 +5,560 5,476 +651 1/1460
    about 300x more likely if you are Italian

  2. A.) EVERYBODY agrees that the numbers coming out of China are unreliable.

    B.) The term “recovered” can apparently mean different things to different people, since many of the so-called recovered will have difficulty breathing the rest of their lives.

    C.) The death rate varies widely and seems to depend on whether or not the health system is overwhelmed. Not taking bets that the US will end up on the low end of the death rate.

    D.) The last two paragraphs are unclear, but by all means grab hope wherever you can find it.

    E.) Hope notwithstanding, I HOPE you stocked up on food and TP.

    F.) Canadian Prepper on youtube says US and Canadian military are gearing up for a more lethal go- around of the “C-bug” beginning in the fall.


  3. Don’t mean to be flip about this, because for those who have lost love ones to the virus, this has been a great tragedy.
    By today’s count, 300,000 people have been infected. Let’s assume 2-1/2 times that many, since many probably never got tested. By my math (i.e. 750,000 divided by 7.5 billion), that means that one-one-hundredth of one percent of the human population has been infected.

  4. The population of Shanghai , China ALONE is 27 MILLION.
    Are we to believe it has no coronavirus?

    China is now TRYING to blame new cases in Beijing as having come from outside China !!
    COME OFF IT !!!

    China is trying to deflect responsibility for the global pandemic !

  5. People are fearing it cause death comes too soon. But how about any other unexpected accident causing death? By emphasizing the death rate, showing sick people at tv who can’t afford their illness to persuade people accepting the lockdown of economy, is irrational. One can link this to the way climate has been pushed through. It is the same agenda. We have to pay the price coming years. Scientists are using stupid ideas about ‘immunity’ to justify their behaviour. It is a constructed idea about how immunity should be, groups-immunity. Those who cure of it will hopefully have immunity and no one knows if that is good thing. It is claimed that it is a good thing. Seemingly a lot of scientists haven’t read thoroughly about causation, it is a rather complex idea. The overall idea is that causation can be solved, it is just a puzzle. Is it?

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