Christmas in July for parts of central Alberta – Videos

“Hail stones as big as oranges destroyed some crops,” says reader Terry Homeniuk.

Here’s Dakota Road, West of Ponoka Alberta, after July 21st 2015 Hailstorm.

“Lots of hail and not just the pea sized stuff.”

“Here, in Red Deer it was coming down but not as dense as in areas further north,”says Terry. “But I did see some golf ball sized ones.”

See photos:

Thanks to Terry Homeniuk and John at Bayshore for these links

5 thoughts on “Christmas in July for parts of central Alberta – Videos”

  1. Robert, i.think the timing would be great to show both poles sea ice entent shown often here, for all to see how is it going there as seen by live satellite.

    As i type this, its 14degres C here in Québec
    Province, with high temps at 20C in the Day.
    To put that in context, normals at this time is 26C, and we expect another week in the 70’s…
    #the . Future. Look. Grimm dot com

  2. I’ve decided the quicker this thing comes upon us, the better. Anything slow and lumbering allows the same bunch of parasites to escape.

  3. Actually arctic ice outside of Hudson and Baffin bays looks like crap. It is something I regularly follow but after two rebound years a slight set back this year is to be expected especially since its an El Niño. An average melt in August and extent will be lower than 2014…however it would still be almost 2 million sq km larger than September 2012…If we get a cloudy August we can save some ice though and have it improve on last year…We shall see….

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