Christmas snowfall to affect more than 60 million people

A broad swath of the US including much of the Northwest, Midwest and Northeast is under winter weather alerts, advisories, or warnings.

Chicago, Des Moines, Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland, Pennsylvania, New York, and a wide band of the Northeast were all expecting 2, 4, or more inches of snow. with parts of upstate New York bracing for more than 4 feet of lake effect snow.

A separate storm system moving into the Pacific Northwest could dump up to 2 inches of snow on Seattle and then head east into Colorado Sunday night through Christmas Day.
In southeast Wyoming, the weather service warned that parts of I-80 could see up to 6 inches of snow early Monday morning, with 50 mph winds and whiteout conditions. A blizzard, in other words.

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  1. Merry Christmas Robert n regulars:-)
    meanwhile down under ive just had one of the cooler xmas days and nights i remember;-) a very nice change when being barmy and doing the full English roast n pud etc;-)
    but wearing flannelshirt on xmas eve and again tonight is weird..its around 10c outside, when normally we could expect 20 to 25c in december, our day temp was maybe 25 at the most.
    I was musing on the old movies where a white xmas was soft gentle and everyone was happy to have snow..nowdays we have all the luxuries like clothes n footwear better heating n cars and it seems everyone struggles and gripes far more?
    just my perception or anyone else see it also?

  2. CNN Turkey 25.12.2017 Monday
    Snowfall closed roads in Antalya!
    The majority of Turkey was under the influence of snowfall. Due to heavy snowfall, there were glitches in transportation. Numerous accidents have occurred.
    Snow closed the roads. Crapped survivors were barely rescued. In the higher part of the Alanya district of Antalya, snow was pushed. The road to the district of Kızılcaşehir, ten kilometers away from the district center, was closed. A lot of cars were tired on the road. 50 vehicles were recovered with 1 hour of work. It continued to have the effect of snowfall on the weekend in Van. On the slippery road, two TIRs came out of control and sidelined. In Konya, Seydişehir-Antalya highway Alacabel road occasionally closed the road. Chain-free vehicles were not allowed to pass. After the snowfall started in Yozgat, the temperature of the air dropped and the roads turned to the ice rink. Material damage traffic accidents came to the scene. A TIR sliding in the Esentepe district closed the short-lane road to traffic. Erzincan-Sivas and Gümüşhane roads have experienced accidents due to icing. Actions against the accident continued throughout the day.

    Snow does not necessarily mean that the climate has shifted permanantely to extreme cold because it only takes a zero or neg 1 celcius to freeze falling rain but as you see in a half a lifetime -80 in Alaska Jan 1971 would scare the be Jesus out of a us citizen living in ..let’s say arizona.Never say never and anything that can happen will happen as murphy says..just a heads up as we approach a turning point that has been predicted /speculated for several years..packing a few hundred bucks of well preserved food in a cellar won’t hurt..good luck to everyone in the coming years of cooler climate.

  4. After the notable snowstorm around Glacier (where it probably snowed even more in the Park itself), the other, southern border of Montana got roughly the same amount of snow as Erie, probably lake effect on the East Coast, more than 3 feet of snow. It’s not widely reported, because it’s in the mountains and not unheard of, it’s a healthy amount of snow nonetheless, and I only find it reported in this local snow report, the written report, not the numerical totals: So, snowfall in the mountains can be considerable. Here in this section of Montana, the glaciers are under the rocks, so not quite as visible to the undiscerning eye, don’t ask me why.

  5. Like most here I guess, I often look at world temperature maps. I don’t remember ever seeing 30s and 40s F extending so far south in Mexico.

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